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Vitamin C Fix Tonic

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Vitamin C Fix Tonic
Vitamin C Fix Tonic
I LOVE this product!
21 October 2020
I've only recently started using this as I felt like my skin was looking pretty dull (probably after months being stuck inside) and the price was good enough to give it a go! I've been using it for about a month now... and I am hooked! It's made a real difference to the appearance of my skin its all glowy and looks amazing (in my opinion anyway
Funny smell
02 June 2020
Iv started using the vitamin c range and absolutely loved the cleanser, scrub and pads that citrusy smell just perks me up every morning, so I thought I would try the rest of the range, the tonic felt like it got a good cleanse and removed any remaining traces of dirt, but when I first put it on the pad I noticed it didn’t have the same fresh scent it was more like a gluey scent, anywho I thought I was just being silly and wiped my face and noticed it was defo a gluey kind of off smell, and all though it cleansed well, it left my skin very taught and left the smell on my face, bit gutted as the range was my favourite so far. Maybe I just got a bad batch?
06 May 2020
I use this after the vitamin C cleanser and it gets every single bit of dirt out even after I’ve washed my face thoroughly. My skin also looks brighter, fresher and younger and it’s non-drying which is a big thing for me. I hate products that dry my skin out.