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Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap


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Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap
Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap
09 October 2020
I've used it for a while and my skin hasn't been better and it works well for all skin types and really sensitive skin too
08 July 2020
This product is the best!!! I’ve tried my fair share of blemish creams to help with the appearance of spots and this is by far the best. I’ve been battling with my skin since I was 14 and I’m so glad I’ve finally found something to help reduce the size/redness of my spots when they appear! I use it morning and night on the areas needed and continue to use it on the same places after the blemish has gone for a few more days and it really does work! I will definitely by buying it again!
Instantly relieves the skin and prevents breakouts!
02 June 2020
I have a sensitive skin, and this product is miracle. It helped to relieve my skin and prevent breakouts. It truly purifies and cleans the skin. On top of that, I loooooooooooooove the smell of it. LOVE! Thank you NIP+FAB for the best product.
only been using it one day but..
01 March 2020
this has a very nice cooling effect to my face which calms down my angry acne asap. highly recommend!! i woke up this morning to a couple less spots on my face thank you so much!! only one question how long would you say it lasts for ?
29 January 2020
Emma Carrington
I’ve not broken out in a few few weeks as I started to use this. It’s really good
Fabulous Product
24 April 2019
Hannah Hogg
This product has worked miracles for my skin,the first night i applied the product to my face and in the morning most of my spots were gone,such an amazing product definitely one of my faves.Thank you for making this amazing product.
09 April 2018
I was a bit worried about using this, as roll on spot zappers never usually work for me. However this is the best product I have used yet!!! I use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I woke up the next morning and my spots were nearly gone!! I am amazed. Perfect. Thank you so much nip and fab.
The only product that I've tried that works!
07 March 2018
I've suffered with acne for a couple of years now, and this product is the only one that I've tried that works. Definitely worth buying, and I am going to try more Nip+Fab Teen Skin Fix products!
Love this!
18 October 2017
Great product! Struggling with some spots for a while now and after starting to use this, my spots are almost gone in 3 days. Love this!