Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%

Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%

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Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%
Salicylic fix concentrate extreme
08 November 2020
The whole range of the salicylic fix has helped my skin tremendously. Even right now with the virus going on and the fact that we have to wear mask at first I started breaking out really bad and then I started researching what I can do or put on my face to not break you out from wearing a mask and dermatologist suggested to spray the salicylic toner on the inside of my mask and where this under the mask and it has truly cleared my skin up since covid-19.. the whole range is life-saving for my skin. I've been dying to try the creamiest but it is not available in the US
I'm Impressed!
20 September 2020
Didn't expect this to be as good as it is! Definitely reduces pores and makes skin look clearer. None dryng and smells good. Very impressed and will continue to buy this product. I have ditched a few of my higher priced brands because I find this brand seems to suit my skin and give more visible results. Gonna try Retinol next! Thanks Nip & Fab!
Amazing product
05 September 2020
Really recommend this product , I have really oily combo skin and have struggled to find the right products to use for years. I have been using this with a combination of other products and my skin is so much better , i have far less breakouts and my skin is much less oily, my pores have hugely reduced and barely even noticeable now
03 September 2020
Samantha Round
I have used other brands versions of this (one begins with O... we all know the one!) but none have been as great as this and for the price is just incredible. I noticed a difference over night and it smells incredible too, I’ve even convinced my husband to start using it and it’s worked wonders for his skin too! It’s made my pores look smaller, I suffer with blackheads and they’ve almost gone after first use and it’s made my skin feel and look tighter! Can not recommend enough
Life Saver!
17 June 2020
I’m a 25 year old woman and suffer with hormonal outbreaks and have oily/sensitive skin. I’ve always struggled with my pores for as long as I can remember and I have brought products upon products to try to resolve my problem, none have ever worked! I came across this pretty advertised product and thought I’d give it a go as it was on offer. Within a week, 80% of my pores have reduced and aren’t noticeable. It’s even minimised my blackheads dramatically. I find the product moisturising yet not greasy at all. It has also reduced my sore hormonal spots. Attractive looking product with an easy application and a great result. Very impressed.
Great for acne!
13 June 2020
This stuff is great! Can't believe how quickly I saw results! I developed really sore hormonal acne at 30, I had several groups of spots that were raised and sore. I bought this as the Ordinary Salicylic Acid was sold out. I wasn't keen at first because this has fragrance in it, which can irratate the skin. I also personally found the packing to look a bit garish and thought the pink was cheap looking. However, this stuff is amazing! Within one use at night by the next day I noticed an improvement. It says you have meant to use 1-2 times a week, I was naughty and used it a couple of days in a row as I really wanted results quickly. It didn't have a negative impact on my skin, but everyone's skin will handle this different as it is an acid. It really dries out the skin where you use it so I would recommend only using this on problem areas, not all over and moisturing a lot. The bottle is glass and sturdy. The liquid is bright pink, which made me think it would be sticky, but it's not. It has a floral scent, it's fine but not required. The pipette device is easy to use. I got this in tesco on offer for £10. Overall I actually love this product and would definetly recommend it, a little goes a long way, so the bottle will last ages!
cleared up my acne
04 May 2020
After only a couple of weeks this product has cleared up my stubborn acne and the bumps on my forehead without drying it out. Could not recommend enough! :)
30 October 2019
I haven’t had this product long but the difference it has made has been brilliant. I was suffering with hormonal spots after coming off the pill and it has helped clear my skin. Love Nip and Fab
17 July 2019
Sharmin Uddin
Works great on skin!