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Lauren's Story
Fine lines and wrinkles

Lauren's Story

"I am confident to not wear makeup, which is something I haven't often said in my life at all."

Lauren uses Retinol Fix to tackle the first signs of ageing, for a brighter and smoother complexion. Watch the video to learn more about why Lauren loves Retinol Fix, and shop her favourite products below.

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  • Vanessa's story

    Vanessa's story

    Fine lines and wrinkles
    "Within a week of using the range on alternative days as recommended, I saw a noticeable improvement to the redness and smoothness of my skin and this continued to improve over the following weeks."
  • Bethan's Story

    Bethan's Story

    "My whole goal with the Vitamin C Fix was to boost my glow through winter, I knew it paid off when my neighbour - who works in beauty - commented how I was literally glowing one morning."