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Autumn skincare tips

Autumn skincare tips

As the seasons start to change, temperatures drop and nights get darker, it’s time to think about transitioning our skincare from summer to autumn. Yup, just like when we stash away all our summer linens, shorts and dresses and pull out our blazers and jumpers, we need to do the same for our skincare.

However, the good news is, you don’t need to transition to a brand-new skincare routine – that’s not only bad for your skin (because skin likes consistency), but it’s also bad for your wallet. And we’re all about great skincare at great prices. All you need to do is make some tweaks. Read on for some FAQs on what happens to skin when the seasons change, how to build your autumn skincare routine and some of our must-have products.

Q: What happens to skin in autumn/winter?

In the summer, we naturally sweat more and our skin produces more oil. As a result, the skin and its protective barrier are generally balanced and a bit happier in warmer weather when there’s more humidity in the air. However, when temperatures start to drop and humidity levels decrease, cold winds can strip away our natural oils. This, combined with dry, indoor heat, can wreak havoc on skin and cause dryness, dehydration, redness and flaking.


Q: What do I need to change in my skincare routine in autumn/winter?

Rule number one when switching to your autumn skincare routine is to add in hydration wherever you can. Simply put, increasing your skin’s intake of hero hydrators like hyaluronic acid helps to replenish all that lost moisture in your skin barrier, which keeps dryness and all its friends in check. 

A good place to start is by adding a hydrating cleanser into your routine, if you aren’t using one already. Something like our Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Cleansing Cream is ideal as it’s formulated without fragrance, so is super gentle on skin. It’s packed with two types of molecular weight hyaluronic acid to hydrate at the skin’s surface and deep down, as well as tremella and polyglutamic acid (another hydration hero). Use in the mornings and evenings for maximum hydration, or if you’re using another cleanser for a specific skin concern, use this one in the morning. And for oily skin, try to avoid clay masks at this time of year as these can really strip away natural oils even more.



Q: How do you avoid oiliness when trying to combat dryness?

When combatting dryness, no matter what your skin type, the key is to layer products rather than slather on lots of heavy creams or solutions: think products that are light in texture and absorb into skin easily. A hydrating cleanser, followed by a lightweight concentrate like our Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Concentrate, and perhaps a serum like our Dragon’s Blood Fix Serum Extreme to really soothe that skin barrier, with your chosen moisturiser to finish, is a good place to start with your autumn skincare.



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