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Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme

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Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme
Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme
Miracle worker!
04 August 2018
Whenever I see a spot or redness starting to show I use this in the evening before bed, by the next day the redness is gone! It's the perfect fix to any blemishes and completely clears my back acne when it flairs during the summer. Perfect with the extreme pads and post glycolic moisturizer
25 May 2018
I have been using this for two months now, it has been the only change in my skincare routine. My skin had very bad breakouts and blackheads. It's the first time a product works so well on me!!! Absolute love!! I use it everyday after cleaning my skin and use the Nip+Fab post glycolic moisturizer. My skin is perfectly clear now, and I just have a tiny spot time to time, nothing. 10/10
Do a patch test first!
25 May 2018
I used this toner once and after around 30 seconds my face turned into what I can only describe as a cherry tomato. I looked completely sun burnt. After sitting with a packet of frozen chips on my face (glamorous) for an hour or so, the redness went away eventually. I admit it did actually make my skin quite smooth after that. However, the sheer panic and anxiety of wondering why my face was turning scarlet was certainly not worth it. Don't be fooled by the fact this product is a toner, it is still very strong, Always do a patch test first!
16 May 2018
This is my new addition to my Nip+Fab range and what can I say...absolutely BRILLIANT. My skin looks and feels incredible after one application. I'm definitely recommending this product!
30 April 2018
Nikki Moore
I never ever write reviews for anything but felt this deserved one. I'm 32 and have always suffered from break outs and blackheads etc but since using this for the past month my skin is the clearest it has ever been! Even managed to get it in the sale too- will definitely be buying more when I run out
My Holy Grail
25 April 2018
Isn’t for People with Sensitive Skin but luckily that isn’t me because I’ve LITERALLY found My Holy Grail. I refuse to be with out this again in Life
01 April 2018
I have bought hundreds of products to get rid of blackhead and absolutely nothing has work, high end (such as Clinique) or low end of beauty market. I have never used any products from this brand before but due to other reviews and good price point I thought is was worth a try, I didn't expect any miracles as have tried EVERYTHING! But WOW am so impressed have been using for a week and most of my blackheads have gone and it draws the dirt out of the pores for easy removal, my skin is looking better and better everyday I use it. At the age of 40 and being a complete product addict I have finally found a product that does what it says on the tin!!
Amazing after 1 day
26 February 2018
This is a great product. My black heads disappeared over night and my pores appear smaller instantly. I was a bit shocked when I first put it on as my face was like a beetroot but in the morning the redness had gone and face was brighter and makeup went on perfect. 2nd day no redness and I will keep using this as the result so far have been amazing
Glycolic fix liquid glow extreme
27 January 2018
Amazing product I am 49 and started using this a month ago my skin no longer looks tired and dull will be a must have product
14 October 2017
I've been using nip and fab range for over a month and started using the new cleanser 1 week ago and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. I'm 36 and can 100% tell a difference in my skin tone and glowyness and fine lines smoothed out. I will never use anything else and even got my sister and friend onto nip and fab!!
Only toner I will use!!!
05 October 2017
Chloe Williams
I use a lot of Nip+fab products, mostly being the glycolic range! The toner is amazing!! I don't have sensitive skin however this does feel a bit stingy at first but it's so worth it! The next morning my skin was glowing, radiant my pores looks so much smaller and my make up went on a lot smoother on my skin! My skin never looked so healthy thanks to this toner along with the rest of the range! I have very oily skin and this cleanses so well yet hydrates so lovely!