Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%

Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%

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Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%
Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme 2%
27 January 2021
Noticed such a difference in my skin since I’ve been using this, feels lovely and really helps with breakouts
Absolute must
05 September 2020
Really recommend this product , I have really oily combo skin and have struggled to find the right products to use for years. I have been using this with a combination of other products and my skin is so much better , i have far less breakouts and my skin is much less oily, my pores have hugely reduced and barely even noticeable now , I use this of a morning and use the extreme concentrate of a night, I love the smell of this range too
02 August 2020
I could not recommend this more, I’ve heard lots of good things about Salicylic acid so thought I would give it a try. I luckily got it when it was on offer for £10 but I can tell you now I would HAPPILY pay full price for it. I’ve recently been to the doctors for my skin troubles (acne) and at the age of 33 I thought I was never going to find a solution. They prescribed me tablets and a cream that was very harsh and there was an improvement but it didn’t clear completely. I’ve now been using nip and fab products for 4 weeks and wow! My skin is clear and in such good condition. I haven’t had any break outs at all since using the products. Thank god for nip and fab!!! I use this serum after the night pads at night and I use the glycolic acid fix daily pads in the morning. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
18 July 2020
Love this product! Bought this and the salicylic clay mask together about a week ago and have already seen a huge difference. The blackheads on my nose have reduced significantly, my pores appear smaller and my skin more even. I’ve tried so many products to get rid of blackheads and this seems to be the only thing that works and doesn’t dry out my skin. The aloe Vera moisturises and seems to form a barrier for your skin whilst the Salicylic acid breaks down the dirt and oil! It smells amazing and a little goes a long way- would really recommend and can’t see myself using anything else in future!
Highly recommend for people with hormonal acne and temperamental skin
09 July 2020
I’m 24 and for years have suffered with painful white heads on my chin, mostly leading up to/on my period but also could come at any time. I love to go make up free so have never covered them up, this is also due to fear of making them worse, but also because I kinda just accepted my chin spots. After one week of using this product I’ve got so many compliments about my skin, I had 2 painful spots when I started using this product and redness was reduced right away, not only on my spots but all over, my completion is so much better, smoother and brighter. Although the 2 spots took a while to go NO NEW SPOTS APPEARED this whole week!!!! I am so pleased with this product. I have now ordered the salicylic clay mask and am really excited to start using that. Of course eating well and having a good skin routine all contribute and it’s only been one week....but this product has already boosted my confidence so much and will be ordering this product again and again and again.
15 June 2020
Sue Robinson
I’m nearly 40 and finding wrinkles on my forehead and hormonal spots around my chin after having good skin most of my like this has really knocked my confidence. However a couple weeks using this and my skin looks clearer and wrinkles visibly reduced! My 8 year old commented that my skin looked nice! Great buy!
Fantastic! :)
12 June 2020
Hayleigh Mead
This product smells amazing and really makes a quick visible change to your skin. I will always have some as part of my regime can’t fault it at all.
29 May 2020
Holly Stephens
Would definitely recommend this product! I don’t have acne but I have really large pores and fairly oily skin and after using this for 7 days I can 100% see a noticeable difference. I love the way it goes on too, it feels almost like an actual barrier of gel that fixes your skin over night! My lovely 4 year old must of loved it so much she climbed onto the toilet to reach it, and then squirted it all over the bathroom floor and then woke me up telling me how nice it smelt! At least my little lady has good taste and it reminded me to write this review while I came back to purchase another and some extras! Think I need to invest in a safe for my beauty products!
Please NEVER discontinue
22 May 2020
You know when you find a product you love and you feel terrified it may one day disappear, this is that product. I also use the Tonic (daily) and scrub (occasionally) too from the same range. I was put off salicylic products after using Paula’s choice, it broke me out and was harsh. This range and particularly this product has never made my skin feel more healthy. It’s hydrating and effective. I am writing this on day 3 of use, I have noticed at least a 70% reduction in clogged pores (that I previously have spent £100s trying to budge). Amazing. Love it. Please let me know if you ever discontinue so I can buy everything you’ve got!!
Absolutely incredible!
14 May 2020
Bought this the other day to give it a try.. Used it before bed and couldn't believe the difference the next morning! After a couple of days use, I feel like a different person! I've finally left the house, without make up and felt confident for the first time in years. My skin feels amazing, it seems my blackheads on my nose have all but gone and I look nearly blemish free. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have a new loyal customer!
Love it
01 May 2020
I was breaking out like crazy with deep cystic acne on the side of my face forehead it was so painful as well I added this along with the booster it's been amazing cleared my acne and my pores as well and it make ur skin glow just moisturize and it works
20 April 2020
I bought this alongside the salicylic cleanser after researching the best acids to reduce inflamed acne, this has changed my skin so much in such a short amount of time, my acne breakouts are gone and I rarely get any, works great for blemish and acne prone skin!
It's like a gel barrier on the skin
31 December 2019
I've been using this since September, and I can honestly say it gives your face such a glow. It also tightens and smooths out any pores you have. I've noticed my skin has got really smooth. I've used the cleanser , day and night wipes and its helps with the texture of my skin.
Magic serum
26 July 2019
I was breaking out non stop for a good few months.. tried so many products but nothing seemed to have helped until i started using SALICYLIC FIX SERUM EXTREME 2%. OMG i cannot tell you how much my skin has improved. It has hiven me a glowy clear complexion. Love love love this product. 100% highly recommended.
Great for clearing blemishes
14 June 2019
I am so happy with this serum! It has cleared my blemishes and doesn’t strip the skin at all, in fact it hydrates it. Smells beautiful too. I use it every evening after using the salicylic night time pads