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What makes it great?

  • 5% COMPLEX

    Potent, next-generation 5% complex with three stabilised forms of vitamin C, each with its own supercharged benefit.

  • Stabilised formula

    Stabilised formula means less chance of oxidisation, which affects vitamin C’s impact on skin. Our upgraded formula means a better concentration of vitamin C that doesn’t compromise stability or effectiveness.

  • Brighter skin

    Skin is left brighter and more even toned than ever before, with fine lines smoothened for a glowing, youthful complexion, We believe these results rival more expensive formulas.

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Vitamin C Fix Serum 5%

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  • Brightening
  • Hydrating
  • Tackles pigmentation
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This 5% vitamin C complex visibly brightens and illuminates your skin with its antioxidant packed formula, to tackle hyperpigmentation and smooth fine lines.
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Key ingredients

  • Ferulic acid

    A versatile antioxidant that boosts effectiveness of vitamin C

  • 3 forms of Vitamin C

    An innovative complex of 3 stabilised forms of vitamin C ensures a more stable and effective brightening formula

  • Niacinamide

    Helps to even skin tone and diminishes pore size

The Complex

Together with our partner labs, we’ve developed a potent vitamin C complex with three stabilised forms of vitamin C, each with individual benefits:

  • Stay-C® 50 (sodium ascorbyl phosphate)
  • L-VCG (ascorbyl glucoside)
  • Specwhite VCE (3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid)

Stay-C® 50

Has a proven conversion into ascorbic acid - vitamin C's purest form - once it has penetrated the skin's surface and is the only derivative with a use level of up to 15%.


Is metabolised into ascorbic acid more gradually on contact with the skin compared to other derivatives, giving it a unique time-released effect - you'll experience the benefits for longer.

Specwhite VCE

An ethered derivative, meaning it is both hydrophilic (water-loving) and lipophilic (oil-loving), which results in better skin penetration compared to ascorbic acid.

The Results

The upgraded complex stabilises the formula, slowing the oxidation rate right down and making it less likely to destruct than pure ascorbic acid. It means we’ve been able to deliver a higher concentration of vitamin C without compromising stability and effectiveness. The higher concentration of vitamin C means that you’ll see brighter, more even-toned skin than ever before, and the stable formula means it’s long-lasting, both in terms of efficacy on skin and shelf-life duration.


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