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Glycolic Fix Scrub

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Glycolic Fix Scrub
Glycolic Fix Scrub
£12.95 £10.00
20 February 2021
I've only used this product three times as part of a glycolic range, and I am obsessed already! The exfoliating element to the scrub is light, but also thorough - you don't need to use a lot of this for it to really exfoliate the skin. Having used as part of a regime, I can already see massive reduction in the size and redness of blemishes in only 3 uses. I am one happy bunny for sure as I've always had problem skin to some degree since a teenager! So happy to find something that gives such quick results!
16 February 2021
I'm not a big fan of nip and fab but this product actually works! Lifts all the dead skin off the surface of my skin and leaves my skin feeling sooo smooth and soft! I would definitely recommend this
Shining Bright
18 January 2021
I originally received this scrub as a gift and I can honestly say I’ve never been more thankful to receive a skincare product. The Glycolic Fix Scrub is the only product I’ve found that deeply cleanses the area around my nose (my biggest pore problem area) without drying out my skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and and with a natural glow. I’ve recently run out and just had to re-stock because this product is too good to go without!
28 November 2020
Brought in the bundle offer for £49 It's amazing facial scrub very fine sandy removes dry skin cells and olly skin leaving it bright and smooth for makeup application, love the clean smell to it aswell
Best Scrub Ever!
28 November 2020
I am so in love with this scrub! I have tried many before and since but nothing comes close to this. It's quite gritty which I love. Afterwards my skin is so smooth and feels totally renewed. Gives such a clean, fresh faced feeling and appearance. I will literally use this forever because it's incredible!
Using for years
27 November 2020
I have been buying this for years and go crazy when they're on offer lol I use this morning and night, after I've used a face wash to double cleanse. I get cystic acne so I do need to be careful putting this on spots but it can still be used on spots if you're not too hard on your hands and rinse off. This with the extreme glycolic toner is such a good combo if you're trying to keep your skin clear. If you're recovering from acne and have scars and want something to exfoliate then this is great.
it just works
15 September 2020
This is the best product I have found for dealing with milia. Over a few weeks you notice the difference. 100% recommend.
18 June 2020
I get cystic acne and I find this scrub (for me) has kept these spots away. I used it pretty much daily for it to work. Even my friends and mum are starting to get it too - they get smaller spots but a lot of them and think its the reason their skin is so much better. Give it a go :) It's helped me lots! x
Great for my odd skin.
17 June 2020
Always had a love hate relationship with scrub exfoliatiors, skin feels good right after washing then my flakiness reappears and by the next morning I'm both flaky and oily and have to scrub again. With this my skin feels AMAZING after use, and I literally only have to scrub twice a week with this. My skins glowing and people are commenting. Using with the retinol serum I feel like noticeably less wrinkly. Definitely worth the money. I got it for £6, but I'd absolutely pay £10.
Glycolic fix scrub
22 May 2020
This product is brilliant have been using it twice a day and it’s really improved my skin it’s left it feeling soft and and my skin feels a lot more healthier. I have fallen I love with this brand and it is now the only skin care brand I use xx
Love this stuff! Miss
29 October 2019
Miss Al Brown
I absolutely love this scrub! I wear makeup and have combination/acne prone skin. With this scrub, a little goes a long way. So I don't have to use a makeup wipe. Or extras unnecessary products. My routine is simple. And I love simple. Wash in the morning for 30 seconds, with less than a pea size amount. Wash in the evenings for one minute with pea size amount. Followed up with the moisturizer in the morning and the gel at night. People compliment my skin without makeup on, (and I'm knocking on 40). I may get the occasional, my diet and life have been out of whack pimple, but it never comes to a head, since using this product. I purchase about three bottles at a time, since it has to be ordered and I don't want to run out. Thanks Nip Fab!
Amazing for especially for oily skin!
21 September 2019
I’m 26 and still get spots and blocked pores due to oily skin! I gave up looking for a face cleanser perfect for my skin type but when I came across this and saw the great review I had to give it a try. Normally when I wash my face before bed I wake up in the morning with the oiliest skin! Almost like I’ve actually applied oil to my skin but just by using this scrub once before bed I can see amazing results, so soft and no oily skin in the morning! Although it is a scrub it is so delicate on the skin (I have sensitive skin) very very happy! Defo will be buying this again.
Great results instantly!
27 June 2019
My skin has been really flaky and dull, I was scared to try a new product just in case my skin reacted badly due to previous products from other companies. However, after using this scrub, instantly my skin looked brighter and was so smooth! I can't wait to see the results in a couple months time, happy with this purchase.
Great for blokes too!
23 June 2019
I’m a 40+ man who is still prone to frequent spots and oily skin (sigh...). However, I stumbled across this in Sainsbury’s when I spotted the Glycolic Acid ingredient (the GF mentioned it - she’s a Dr), so thought I’d give it a punt... God damn! This stuff is good! Skin feels softer yet firmer than usual, no oilyness on the T-zone etc. Would be nice to know how long you should keep in on your face before washing off etc. It’s a thumbs up from me!
27 May 2019
jade parry
Literally the best for clearing your skin and getting rid of dry skin Iv tried so many different brands this is by far the best range
The best
17 May 2019
This is THE BEST exfoliator I have ever used.. you truly come away feeling so refreshed and my skin has never looked or felt smoother. I use the cleanser and toner too (and have now ordered every single product possible) because I have never found a product that works so incredibly well!
10 September 2018
I don’t get many spots, but suffer from keratosis pilaris on my cheeks which sometimes gets mistaken as acne. However, since using this scrub my skin has completely evened out, leaving me with soft, glowing skin and no sign of those annoying bumps! 100% recommend
Wholeheartedly recommend!
24 July 2018
As a 30yo who has never really been confident with her skin, I can wholeheartedly recommend this stuff; I’ve been going make up free since I used it. My skin feels so soft, not had any breakouts and all my blemishes have faded significantly. Now exploring the rest of the range to see if I can really conquer the few blemishes I do have left!
Best ever
01 May 2018
I received a sample of this product. I was searching for something like this for a long time. I love how a little goes a long way and the end result. I will definitely purchase this product because the price is so affordable.
I hope this never discontinue or go out of business!
04 April 2018
My face feels instantly so soft I keep touching it. I've been looking for so long for something like this and I love the fact that it has glycolic in it. And it smells like lemons to me which I love!! Never discontinue please and buy it so they stay in business forever! Xoxo
Excellent Exfoliator
16 February 2018
So this is my first review for any product and I was so surprised as to how clean and velvety-soft my skin felt after just using it for the first time (which was this morning) that it's made me actually write this. I'm an Indian girl, almost 30yrs old, with combination skin (and occasionally have 1-2 spots creep up now & then). I like exploring with my skincare products to see what best suits my skin & I could tell instantly my skin loved this! Did everything I wanted it to... Not bad for under £10 either...
My skin looked clearer and brighter instantly!
20 January 2018
Never usually leave reviews but I had to say how much of a difference I saw/felt after just one use of this scrub. My skin looked clearer and brighter instantly and has not felt that smooth in a very long time. I'm looking forward to seeing more results!! I have now purchased the whole glycolic range.
Best Exfoliator I've used!
19 December 2017
Not one to write reviews but I must admit, this is the best exfoliator I've used! It really scrubs your skin and cleanses your pores. I'm never going to use anything else!
Love this!
11 December 2017
Love this! I use it every other day after I swim or work out. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and pores unclogged.
17 September 2017
Discovered this product at a festival when I found it in a shower cubical and had forgot my shower gel (yeah, that happened). Used it a few times and was surprised to find my skin was clearer, glowier and shifted my chin spots that nothing else seems to help. Here I am weeks later googling the product, as when it runs out, life will be a little bit tougher and full of chin spots.
12 September 2017
I bought this product today and very rarely write reviews but wow. I have sensitive skin and this scrub did not hurt like others products from different brands. It has also left my skin feeling so smooth. Give it a shot you won't be disappointed.
04 June 2017
First scrub from a long long time of seeking similar product- and finally I have it! Nip+Fab- just thank you. After first use I can't stop touching my face. It's a really good product.
25 March 2017
I've been using this scrub alongside the glycolic fix cleanser, cleansing pads and overnight purifying gel and my skin has never looked or felt so good. My skin is smooth and blemish free, i very rarely get blackheads and my pores have shrunk considerably. I honestly cannot recommend these products enough! I used to feel very conscious about my skin without caking make up on but i now feel comfortable with how my skin looks without. Honestly these products are a lifesaver!