Glycolic Fix Bubble Mask Extreme Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme

23g/0.8oz sachet
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Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme
Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme
Shockingly GREAT
13 June 2018
Just after 10 minutes, my skin looked and felt amazing! Immediately makes your skin look brighter, softer and more awake. Literally was shocked at how amazing my face off immediately after rinsing! Definitely recommending this.
Better than after most facials that I’ve had!
29 December 2017
This mask is so good! My skin was patchy and dry and it’s never felt softer than it does now - better than after most facials that I’ve had!
10 December 2017
I was intrigued by the bubble effect of the mask and so purchased to see what the fuss was about. Not only was it quite a fun experience with the bubbling, but my skin has been transformed; so radiant, soft and cleansed! Loved it. I feel like I've had a facial without the expense of one!
17 November 2017
I bought this mask for the first time yesterday as I wanted to find something that would help soften and smooth my skin, as recently my skin has felt very textured, dry and rough to the touch. This mask did not disappoint! I kept the mask on for around 15 minutes, and when I took it off and rubbed the remaining bubbles in it became a cleanser/scrub like wash. I then rinsed my face with water and put on some of my regular moisturiser (not Nip+Fab). Not only did it feel like it was working while I had the mask on due to the tingly expanding bubbles, but when I woke up this morning my skin was transformed. It is extremely soft, more radiant and has absolutely no visible dryness. I will definitely be repurchasing this mask as I cannot believe how good my skin looks and feels. I also definitely want to try other items from the Nip+Fab range to see if they work just as well. 100% would recommend!!!
Love this mask!
19 October 2017
Love this mask!