Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme

£18.95 £10.00
60 pads/55mm diameter
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Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme
Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme
£18.95 £10.00
29 January 2021
I have been using these for a long time and they make my skin feel lovely, clean and ready for a night cream
Best pads ever!
24 November 2020
These are the best exfoliating pads ive ever used! I suffer from body acne(arms legs back and occasionally on the butt) and these have cleared it right up! Finally able to flash some skin without feeling embarrassed, my skin is glowing and looks so much healthier
Very impressed!
13 May 2020
I have always suffered with 2 or 3 spots on my face consistently, as soon as I thought I had got rid of 1, another replaced it! Now being 27 and having lost count of the different products used over the years I was starting to lose my mind with what I felt was teenage skin! Within 1 week of using these, max 3 nights I have seen a complete turn around in my skin and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I have recommended these to both friends and work colleagues!!
So Happy
08 June 2019
I have suffered with acne since the age of 13 - now I’m 22 and this is the best product I’ve used! I’ve tried so many creams , tablets, been to the doctors.. everything. Now I literally get one random spot once a week / every 2 weeks. I also use the nip and fab face mask every couple of weeks. Very happy with the results and so happy I tried the product x
Very happy
10 April 2019
Great product, having tried all gels, tablets, creams under the sun. These actually work, only been using for 2 weeks and huge difference in the appearance and texture of my skin, happy.
Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme
11 November 2018
I have sensitive skin but also have lots of dry flaky patches on my face which becomes more of an issue during Canadian winters. Usually when I put on my foundation and powder, there are a million dry flakes and my makeup is caking and it looks horrible. I have always exfoliated with sugar and olive oil which was partially removing the dead skin but I noticed it was exacerbating the broken capillaries on my face and making my face really red so I decided to try chemical exfoliation. I bought these pads hoping they would work. I don't have piles of cash to spend trying out different skin care products to find the right one so I was worried that if I wanted real results I would have to sell my home to get beautiful skin. I literally used these pads twice, after cleansing my face at night, and on the third day when I put on my makeup my foundation and powder went on like a dream. I had all this dead skin two days before and now all of it was completely gone. I highly recommend this product. It is completely affordable, especially when compared to some of the outrageous prices for chemical exfoliants out there, and it works! I am so impressed that I'm not even going to try other chemical exfoliants. This one does the job. It's like magic.
14 September 2018
Amazing product ! Helps to exfoliate my very dry skin and leaves it soft and glowy. Everytime I use, it brightens my face. I Love it !
Amazing for textured skin!!
26 August 2018
Love this product. I get a lot of texture on my forehead which then leads to breakouts. I am so pleased that I finally gave this a go, because it really has helped a lot! Also I sweep this across the face where my breakouts are and in the morning the swelling has completely reduced. Couldn’t recommend this enough.
Perfect skin!
04 August 2018
Hari Jones
I will never get bored of people commenting on how great my skin looks! These pads are so easy to use after removing makeup, I never had a skincare routine until my sister recommended these, now I never forget! It still surprises me even after cleansing how much dirt these pads can find and lift! I also love the day ones perfect after the gym to clear your pores!
Acne Scares GONE!!!!!
12 July 2018
I am very pleased with this product. I have post acne scars on my face and pigmentation around my mouth. I’m starting to see my scars and pigmentation fading. The texture of my skin is starting to smooth out. My skin type is oily; acne prone
Perfect for getting glowing skin
24 June 2018
Eve Thompson
I was nervous about using these as first as I have very sensitive skin in certain areas on my face but also have a nightmare oily t zone. However, I had no need to be apprehensive as they have not irritated my skin at all and have really helped reduce the oiliness in my skin. Also, can;t stress enough how incredible these smell, the pink grapefruit scent is beautiful!
25 May 2018
For a long time I had a darker spot on the back of my neck... it wasn't around my neck but more like underneath the ponytail, I don't suffer from diabetes or any disease that will do this. I was super embarrassed and never wore my hair up. I read different articles and one of them said about exfoliation and masks, etc. I went ahead and bought these because I wanted something that I could have in my vanity table and use it every night as part of my skincare routine..... well...two months later.. the spot is almost gone!!!! and I know people would think that maybe it wasn't clean enough but I can assure you that I did scrubbed the hell out of my neck and it just left it red... these pads have completely changed how I feel about the back of my neck... after this, I follow up with the same skincare that I use for my face, and I add the night time Venom Fix, it has been working extremely well. This is great skincare for the price. I bought this with my own money and everything, they don't even know I am writing this. :)
Wonderful Product!
18 April 2018
As crazy as this sounds, I used these pads for the first time last night, and I'd SWEAR today I can already tell a difference in my skin! My pores look minimized and I just have a brighter look - all after one use! I can't wait to see what happens after a couple of weeks!
Please make these forever!
12 April 2018
Wooooow! have been using these pads for only 1 week, once a day at night. The difference in my skin in that short amount of time is almost miraculous. My pores are smaller, dry/flaky bits are gone, and I have a natural glow for the first time ever. Usually my skin does not react well to salicylic acid, and glycolic acid causes me tightness and burning usually, but for some reason these pads are not causing any redness or sensitivity, or any issues at all. I have also noticed all of my PIE is fading rapidly and my entire complexion is becoming more of an even tone. I can't express how happy I am with this product. Sign me up for life.
Love it
26 February 2018
I really like the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, so I bought these to compare. The claims seem very similar, but with just a few different ingredients. I did really enjoy them, although I don't think they're any different than the other ones. I'd recommend both! Visit my blog at to read my more detailed review I posted about it.
A skincare MUSTHAVE
12 January 2018
I've been using these for over a month and use 2-4 times a week. I noticed a difference immediately with the tone/texture of my skin. The pads are amazing at resurfacing your skin and reducing uneven skin tone, something I have always struggled to combat. I was expecting them to be harsh on my skin and dry it out but they didn't at all. I also found that they are really good at helping the healing process with spots and reducing scars/scabs/red marks. Using these pads is like having a mini peel!
Discoloration and Clogged Pores
20 December 2017
This was suggested by my esthetician and its amazing! I always look forward to the nights I get to use this. I will look into combining it with hydroquinone to help with discoloration too
A SERUOUSLY great product
15 December 2017
I tried these after hearing about them from a Caroline Hirones video. I was s regular at the Facialist for peels and microdem machine. With the use of these pads between sessions I have been able to go much longer between sessions! These pads, along with retiol and serum, have given my skin a healthy glow and greatly reduced any razor bumps (Im a man Maury)
14 November 2017
From use one I could see a difference, by the second a great amount of the uneven skin had gone. My pores look smaller and my pigmentation and acne scars have decreased. Will 100% re purchase when done. Also - not extreme at all not even for someone who’s never used any type of acid before.
never seen my skin look so good
30 October 2017
I've been using these pads for about 2 weeks now and I can honestly say my life has been changed. The nip and fab range is the best thing to have happened to me. I've been using these pads, alongside the glycolic moisturiser and I have never seen my skin look so good. I have suffered for years with acne, been on medication, tried all sorts of creams and serums OTC and prescription and I've never had such a dramatic improvement as I have had with nip and fab. I have no new acne, my scars are fading incredibly fast, my skin is soft and dewy and I've had several compliments on how my skin is glowing.. I haven't heard that in years. I use these pads every night after cleansing and before moisturising and I will never ever ever stop buying them. Please don't EVER discontinue this product! An absolute must have, alongside the moisturiser which smells AMAZING. Can't wait to purchase more!
First product I have ever repurchased!
27 July 2017
After almost 2 months of use, I purchased another tub of pads. That's a first for me. In those 2 months, I've not had one break out (My chin is my problem area, esp around time of the month) and my scars from previous mountains I've burst and picked at have almost all disappeared... I've 3 very faint scars left, I'm pretty confident they'll be gone within the next month. Oh, and I used these pads every night, I wasn't aware of the 2-3 times a week recommendation :O I was so impressed with this brand, that along with my 2nd purchase of these pads, I picked up the 'Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot', the 'No Needle Fix Serum', and the 'Glycolic Fix Serum'... I'll be back to review those in a month or two.
Saw a difference after one use!
30 June 2017
Amazing! Saw a difference in the appearance in my skin after just one use. I have pigmentation and sun damage as well as combination skin and spots and I can already see some of that has gone to reveal clearer, healthier, smoother and younger looking skin underneath. I'm blown away and will definitely be using this regularly. It did not hurt only a very very mild sting feeling (I hardly noticed it) I followed it with the Glycolic fix moisturiser and it didn't hurt my skin make it feel sore or anything. I'm super super impressed! Please never stop selling these!
Improved my skin - that never happens!
09 May 2017
it's amazing! I never leave reviews, but this is definitely worth a try! I always have a spot somewhere on my face, whether it's hormonal or not. But since using these wipes I have hardly had any apart from hormonal spots! my pores have shrunk and my skin feels smoother. Like I said I still get the odd spot here and there but no where near as many and it has to be this that has helped because I haven't changed anything else. I have been using them at night 3/4 times a week. I know that's more that I probably should but it seems to work for me, and I make sure I have some sort of SPF on the following day just incase. Everyone's skin is different so they might not work for you but Definitely worth a try, especially when they are on offer!
01 May 2017
I have combination/oily skin. I suffer from white heads and break outs. OH MY GOD! I've been using the facial exfoliater and these Wipes for a week and I can really notice the difference. My skin appears radiant and smooth. Touch wood haven't had any break outs since using this amazing product. Thank you!
28 April 2017
I never write reviews. The reason for this being that nothing ever works on my skin. I suffered from acne as a teen and my skin is oily and I have pitted scars on my cheeks, I also still get the occasional breakout. Yesterday I walked out of my front door make up free for the first time in 7 years thanks to Nip+Fab! The texture if my skins is so much better and my face is so much brighter. My skincare regime consists of the pads, cleanser, overnight gel and the serum. I recently purchased the glycolic fix mask and use it once every 2 weeks. What I use depends on how my skin is feeling but I cannot recommend this enough! Nip+Fab products have definitely changed my life and are a must try!
10 April 2017
The texture of my skin is so much smoother when I use these, and I feel like my face is so much brighter now. Bought these on a whim but will actually keep using these religiously now!
brilliant for acne sufferers
13 January 2017
talking drum
if you are unfortunate to have that dreaded nasty acne, first of all let me say i feel for you. I dont normally review products but i need to spread the word and tell people how brilliant these pads are. My teen has had two bad bouts of acne. After research i found out about the use of these acids, As you will know you should not use traditional exfoliation while you have acne (and not great even if you dont suffer) as the little particals are not good for your skin while suffering its too harsh and can make things worse. These pads provode a natural exfoliation through their acids. They have helped my teens skin so much along with benzly peroxide cream (had to go up to 10% peroxide cream) now the cream isnt needed these pads will be continued to help the skin stay healthy and clear. If you are wondering "should you try them" please do, they will help you so much.
Life changing
06 January 2017
I have been using these pads for a year or so now, I have darker pigmentation issues. Once I have a spot 9/10 times a much darker patch of skin is left behind i've always been so insecure about my scarring and dark patches left behind and before I found these nothing I tried had helped. I had tried absolutely everything from oils that are meant to reduce scarring to just about everything, but nothing helped and I was miserable and so insecure about my skin and how it was naturally. But now my scarring and any pigmentation that shows up lightens so much quicker within a month of using these pigmentation that was there at the start of the month are completely gone by the end of the month and I only use them twice a week! Thank you so much nip & fab this product is my absolute holy grail I chop and change a lot in my skincare routine but I will never ever change these!
Excellent product
03 December 2016
Tarantula Love
I have very oily, congested, acne prone skin that tends to get dehydrated from most acne treatments. When my skin gets dehydrated it just produces more oil. I love this product because it exfoliates like a dream without drying my skin at all. It has gotten rid of stubborn blackheads and I break out much less. I will most definitely repurchase.
25 August 2016
Honestly never had such a great result from a product with my breakouts, nip+fab you are brilliant and have a loyal customer
11 April 2016
I tried these pads on a whim after dealing with a nasty breakout from winter dryness. I love them so much! I saw an immediate difference in my skin's tone and texture! I have traditionally VERY dry skin but I have never been prone to acne (until this past fall/winter). I have only been using these pads for a few days and they have given me more results than months of prescription medications. The hyperpigmentation left behind after the severe breakout has lightened up so much!! I can't say enough how much I love this product!!
These are good :)
02 July 2015
I have been using these twice a day for the last week since I got them and they are a vast improvement on the weaker ones. They aren't overly saturated, don't leave any sticky residue, or cause any breakouts..... which are 3 problems I had with the weaker pads. With most skin care products, I value them by not necessarily whether or not they do what they 'claim' but on whether or not they improve my skin. And these stronger pads do :) And these have more Glycolic in them, so that's me happy :) I will be trying the Viper Venom Night Fix next ! *eyes review moderator for signs of despair.... * I'm sure you roll your eyes every time you see my name because i'm sure I leave too much feedback :)