Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%
Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%
Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%
Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%

Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%

£28.95 £10.00
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Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%
Glycolic Fix Concentrate Extreme 10%
£28.95 £10.00
can't be without this product!
04 December 2020
Perfect!!! Literally sorted my skin out within the first few uses! My skin feels better, looks healthier (no more blackheads, smoother complexion and actually glowing!!) I would highly recommend this mini miracle!! worth every penny!!
Small bottle of miracle !!
02 July 2020
This is amazing!! I’ve been using it for a month now and I can see a big difference, my pigmentation has reduced and my skin is a lot brighter. I also been using a Vitamin C scrub as my daily skin cleanser so you see quicker results. There is a little irritation when you start using it but after two weeks you will start to notice new radiant skin!
06 October 2019
pooneh howbrook
I love this product, my children also love it. It’s the only product that works for my spots as they are buried deep within my skin and it also opens up ingrown hair!
Powerhouse is Right
27 September 2019
This concentrate is the best thing I’ve ever used for hyperpigmentation. Ive struggled with it my entire life, wasting money on one weak product (including Rx) after another. Nothing works overnight, but this product has come closest for me. Wear your sunscreen, always. This obliterated a dark spot I’d gotten on top of my foot in just a couple months. Marks on the face took longer because unlike my feet it gets sun exposure every day, but I still saw much faster fading than I’ve seen with any other product I’ve tried.
15 May 2019
I was worried about trying this as I had a reaction to some other strong products but this stuff is amazing. My skin has responded really well to it and I will purchase again. It goes on easy and feels a bit sticky for a minute or 2 but it sinks in quickly and my skin feels clean and soft. I have hardly had any break outs since I started a nip and fab skin care routine and this is now one of my must haves. Quite expensive but it does work for me. lightly fragranced.
04 May 2019
I have always struggled with bad skin, breakouts and hormonal acne. I tried this as a last resort before looking into more aggressive treatments like laser and so glad I did. I can’t believe how quickly my skin has responded. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, it’s radiant and soft. No more break outs and blemishes are disappearing. I have sensitive skin so I was a little apprehensive but there was no need to be. Thank you Nip + Fab, finally at 30 years old I have good skin.
Great product
01 May 2019
This stuff is amazing quick result but be careful if you have a sensitive skin use once a week is too strong, this make your skin dry so be careful. Now I use once a week in the night and it's exfoliate deeply and great result
29 April 2019
This and the glycolic cleanser has completely transformed my skin. Huge breakouts disappeared, redness is gone, hyper pigmentation is gone, Milia is gone, blackheads I have struggled with for 4 years, GONE. I have tried EVERYTHING and absolutely nothing has worked for me like the Nip + Fab glycolic fix products.