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Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

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Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot
Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot
Seriously good
23 January 2021
Sharon Knight
This serum is absolutely amazing. It’s plumps like you wouldn’t believe. I have some seriously high end serums but nothing compares to this. Please stock this on a regular basis as everyone loves this serum.
Amazing for my skin, disappointed it’s discontinued.
08 November 2020
My skin used to be dry and flaky with spots. Everything else I tried made my skin to shiny/greasy etc. . I have been using this for years (a drop in with my moisturiser everyday day) and my skin has never looked so good. No dry flaky areas since and the amount of spots have reduced vastly. I am on my last bottle ( a quarter left!) and I am worried how my skin will be when it finishes. I really do hope that you bring it back and soon please!
20 August 2019
I have the opposite problem to most people in that my t-zone is the driest, flakiest place on my face. Flaky nostrils and a forehead is NOT nice. No amount of moisturiser or oil ir exfoliation ever did anything for my dry skin until i bought this on offer. It has been a DREAM foe my skin and i never got dry patches on my face until i recently ran out. Waiting for it to be on offer as i cant afford to buy it at it's original price!
Hydration in a bottle!
24 August 2018
I use this when I have dry skin and either apply it straight onto my face or add it to my moisturiser, depending on how dry my skin is. My skin is ridiculously soft by the morning! I also don't find it to be irritating, despite the fact I have sensitive skin. I've recommended it to all my friends who complain of dry skin!
Miracle product!
24 June 2018
Eve Thompson
I am so happy I have found this product. As someone who suffers with dry skin this is a dream, I mix it with my morning moisturiser and gives me a skin an extra boost of hydration. Can't recommend enough!
30 March 2018
Amazing product! mixed with day and night cream the difference in my dry dull skin was noticeable within days. Will definitely buy again.
results have been amazing
23 October 2017
I suffer with dry oily skin and thought I'd give this a go and mix it with my 100% aloe Vera gel and wow the results have been amazing my skin is now fresh looking feels so soft and the fine lines have gone away I would highly recommend this product
so so good!
10 October 2017
This product combined with the glycolic extreme pads will clear up your skin beautifully! I had awful skin from a poor diet, dehydration and stress but they worked wonders. I recommend for anyone with problematic skin in their twenties.
10 May 2017
I love this product. I mix it in with my face cream day and night. My skin feels fresh and radiant in the mornings. A must have buy.
Making my skin dry
13 April 2017
I have used this shot, but its making my skin extremely dry. My face becomes very stiff and few minutes later, there is a burning sensation. I am not going to buy this product again.
Amazing feeling skin
10 August 2016
I love love love