Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

40ml/ 1.35fl.oz
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Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel
Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel
I won’t use anything else now.
07 September 2018
This is a game changer!! I recommend this to everyone that will listen. At 36 I thought I was past breakouts; apparently not. After trying many different oils, creams, serums and even prescription products nothing was working. This changed my skin within 2 days. Combined with the face wash from the same range and it’s a double act to be reckoned with! I won’t use anything else now. Everything else is in the bin and I’ve even recommended it to the doctor for others to use as it’s just the best for my skin. Thank you for bringing this out. Never change it or stop selling it.
This product is INCREDIBLE!
19 July 2018
This product is INCREDIBLE! I had a stubborn little white bump on my face (milia) for MONTHS that I thought nothing short of surgical removal would get rid of. It looked like a huge pimple that refused to go away, and I tried everything. Iasked my dermatologist about other options and she suggested trying a glycolic treatment first before having the silly thing excised. After looking at jars of creams priced well over 50 dollars and trying one expensive eye cream that did nothing (the bump is on my cheek inder my eye),, I found this product and thought it’s worth a shot! Only TWO treatments with this product and the bump is GONE! No scar, no sign of it ever having been there. I absolutely cannot believe it... I have been staring at this yucky thing on my face for the better part of this year and wake up this morning to clear skin! Beyond thrilled in Canada - thank you thank you thank you!!!
OMG this range is AMAZING!!
27 January 2018
My skin looked glowing thr next morning after my first use , and so soft!! i have been searching for a brand i can rely on and i have found it! NIP + FAB all the way!!
Well worth the stink
25 November 2017
This product is amazing! I suffer from really oily and acne prone skin, this product has worked a dream and cleared up my face completely! The gel does have an awful smell to it though which is really off-putting, however once settled into the skin after a couple of minutes the smell goes. If you can live with the smell its such an amazing product and well worth it! never found anything that works so well!
Beyond amazing
06 June 2017
This is hands down, one of the best skincare products I have ever used in my life. I can literally see a difference in my skin every time I use it - it just looks great. Also, it is the only thing I have ever found that helped clear up my cycstic acne, something I did not expect! Its also great for dark spots (with prolonged usage), and texture. However, if you have super sensitive skin, I do recommend a patch test. Even with my not-sensitive-at-all-skin, this gel can sometimes be slightly irritating with nightly usage. I have oily/acne prone skin with hyperpigmentaion, and I use this product ~3 times per week. I will increase usage if my skin is being very problematic, or I'm struggling with a lot of breakouts.
great for oily, dull, acne prone skin
19 May 2016
the first ever Nip+Fab product that I tried since December 2015. and I'm glad I did!!! my skin only took 2 weeks to get the result, my face is clear from acnes and all of the scars plus it really reduced my pore appearance and redness. and my skin looks clear, smooth and glowing. I'm on my 2nd tube rite now, already hav 3rd tube on stock. I also use the glycolic fix cleanser & Dragon's Blood serum. fab!!
transformative gel
11 May 2016
so nip + so fab
This gel is an absolute lifesaver. I use it at night after showering instead of a moisturizer and my skin is noticeably brighter, firmer, and my pores have shrunken. I then follow up with an oil-free moisturizer in the morning. I've used this product almost every night for about 2 months now and get compliments on my skin all the time. Makeup doesn't sink into my pores as much and I even feel ok going barefaced if I've used this the night before. Highly recommend - I'm in my early 20s with combination skin. Occasionally small breakouts
Awesome product to face acne scars from face
26 April 2016
I was looking for a product which will help me to fade away my acne scars and all the hyperpigmentation marks and dullness in my face. And now i found it. The peel has Gycolic agent 4% and its really helps to get new skin. I can feel the difference. There is change in the skin. Looks like a new skin is coming. The Gycolic peel has gradually renewing my skin and i can see a difference. Now acne scars are fading. But still i should take care of the ongoing new pimples with other product. Overall i am satisfied. I am using for past 15 days. Need to use more to see the overall changes. Good product for Drugstore items.