Retinol Fix Sheet Mask

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Retinol Fix Sheet Mask
Retinol Fix Sheet Mask
01 March 2020
OMG! I came here to give a terrible review about how this mask is made of the worst material that doesn't even stick on the face and like why would this company settle for such a crappy choice of material, when I THEN read in reviews below that the mask is actually stuck between the crap material and sure enough, after I rummaged it from the bin, I peeled off two layers of the material and the actual mask is right there, made from cling film type-clear-clingy "sensible" face-mask material. So NB!!!
14 January 2020
Baljit Kaur
I think that the mask fits perfectly, you have to remember to remove the plastic sheet on both sides and you are then left with the mask in the middle! My skin feels amazing after 15 minutes, will be using this on a more regular basis!!
22 December 2019
I felt this mask worked well, lovely tingly feeling. Unlike other reviews mask was soft and stayed in place sitting up. Nice product
Good mask bad fit
15 December 2019
These masks are too big and they’re made from a very stiff material that doesn’t sit flat on your face. The actually formulae is great though skin looked and felt amazing. Please fix the material and size of these though
09 November 2019
The masks are way too big for your face and they slide off!