Kale Fix Protecting Shot - face serum for dry + sensitive skin to protect from pollutants

Kale Fix Protecting Shot

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Kale Fix Protecting Shot
Kale Fix Protecting Shot
£24.95 £14.95
Like a Dream!
02 October 2018
This product has almost completely cleared up my acne. It leaves my skin hydrated and soft, and goes on like a dream. The only drawbacks for me are that I need to use quite a bit of it daily to help with my spots, and that if I mix it with my moisturiser as suggested, it doesn't sink in as well. Otherwise I absolutely recommend it!
Great product!
28 March 2018
I mix this product with my liquid foundation on a daily basis and it makes me look dewy and fresh faced. I have dry skin and ever since I've started using this I've noticed a difference in my complexion. I can't go without this stuff! It's a must buy!
15 October 2017
Other products ive used either took forever to obsorb into my skin others didnt even absorb! This shot was Non-greasy and skin had no problems absorbing this