Teen Skin Pore Blaster 2 in 1

Teen Skin Fix 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask Pore Blaster

$8.99 $5.00
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Teen Skin Fix 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask Pore Blaster
Teen Skin Fix 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask Pore Blaster
$8.99 $5.00
Bye Bye Acne
09 September 2019
I love the entire Teen skin range even though I'm in my 30s but I have to give a special shout out to this product. I use it as a mask and the results are fantastic, inflammation and redness disappeared and my skin wasn't left dry afterwards.
31 May 2019
I am a teenager who will only get the occasional break out, but this product has completely amazed me. I haven’t found a product that leaves my skin this soft. Equally when I do get spots this is my go to as instantly it leave my spots less red and inflamed (when using the face mask).
Very effective
13 March 2019
Was wonderfully surprised at how great this is - I am a mum who has had breakouts all her life, and once or twice a week I feel like an extra deep cleanse: this leaves my face fantastically smoothed, and although I would not normally choose a product with grains in it in this day and age, they are thankfully tiny, which I am happy about. Very effective product.
27 February 2019
Do try this, it s fab. Bought it for my teenage daughter, it have ended up using it myself as I have had spots and greasy skin all my life, Was a bit worried that scrubbing grains were no longer de Figueroa, but these are tiny, and the product does leave my skin so beautifully soft that I can’t stop feeling my face afterwards.
only thing that works for me!
18 January 2019
I bought this recently to help with my spots as I get a lot of spots and nothing seems to help get rid of them, and after I used this as a facemask, the next day my spots were a lot smaller and the day after were practically gone! This product is the only thing that ACTUALLY works and has really helped me get rid of my spots, when my skin is bad and spotty I put this on in the evening and the next day my spots have healed a lot and this mask really helps to get rid of them quickly, while leaving my skin feeling hydrated, not dry at all and really clear and smooth. Love it
Face wash
10 January 2019
Linda Matysik
Received this in my Ipsy Glam bag. Very impressed. And, I'm very picky about face washes. Great price. Only thing i would change is the size of the grains.
Really good
03 May 2018
It leaves my skin very soft
19 February 2018
I received this item in a subscription box this month, I've used it about four times so far and OMG! It has left my skin feeling so smooth it's unreal! I have always suffered from big pores around my nose but this has changed that completely!
25 October 2017
I already use the glycolic scrub and was amazed. So when i found the teen skin range I was super happy, I use this scrub alongside the teen skin night wash and am absolutely amazed with how good my skin is! I have always suffered with bad skin and also struggle with being incredibly sensitive but these products have left my skin in the best condition it has ever been in plus no reaction! SO HAPPY!