Teen Skin Salicylic Acid Tonic

Salicylic Fix Tonic

$14.95 $12.00
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Salicylic Fix Tonic
Salicylic Fix Tonic
$14.95 $12.00
Effective but off putting smell
21 April 2020
I’ve used this for a few weeks pretty much every other day, and I feel like it’s calmed my skin down. I’m prone to redness and random breakouts and this has helped to maintain clear skin. The only downfall is the smell, it’s very potent and almost chemical which is slightly off putting, but the results are worth it.
ok but smell of product is off putting
03 March 2020
overall the product is really good and my skin has reacted well! however the tonic smells so badly and very "fake" like a cheap perfume has been added. puts me off using this product.
31 May 2019
Amazing product, I supper with acne and its really helped clear up my skin. I can't wait to try the rest of this range! :)
So so good !!
05 May 2019
Kerry cookie Anne
I use this with my glycolic face wash just to mix up my daily routine and it’s just perfect for blackhead out bursts and my pores !! Clears them up brilliantly!!
Pink teen bottle
19 February 2019
I just love this product so much, it’s helped calm my acne right now. I just love it so much!
04 January 2019
I struggle with breakouts here and there and I bought this when the new range came out as I have oily/combination skin and it seemed to fit my type, and I started using this and it has helped me so much. Makes your skin glow! A few times a week before bed put on your face and it gives you a refreshed feel too and helps with the blemishes for when you wake up!
Love this!
27 November 2018
Great product, I alternate this with the Glycolic extreme tonic and it has drastically improved my complexion!
Really noticed a difference in my skin!
30 September 2018
I’m not a teenager but get really bad break outs. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and have really noticed a difference in my skin!
11 September 2018
I love this product I bought it because I started to get breakouts out of no where and I needed a quick and permanent fix and this is perfect just for that. I used it 4 times a week and it helps to get rid of breakouts and my skin has been great since I started using it. Great night time toner