Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask

Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask

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Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask
Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask
$9.95 $5.00
Ok when U realise how to actually use it
22 January 2020
I had the same issue as a previous review. Thought it was absolutely terrible. Had it on for 15 min then thought I should read reviews. Then realised about the 2 backing sheets to rip off. This needs to be on the packet. Also feel so watery. Not worth the money
Great once I worked it out
02 November 2019
The previous reviewer thought it was too rigid - it is if you don’t peel the mask off the backing sheet. Once I’d worked this out (and removed the backing sheet) it stuck perfectly to my skin and worked beautifully. Love it!
05 September 2019
That was the most infuriating 15 minutes. The mask is too rigid. Large parts of it stick up in the air instead of making contact with my skin. I spent the entire time trying to pat it down. My jaw is sore from holding my mouth in position in that mouth hole and trying to keep the juice from dribbling into my mouth. I cannot believe you charge a tenner for this. Never again.
09 July 2019
Skin felt soft and was glowing it will definitely use again !!