Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum Nip + Fab
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum Nip + Fab
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum Nip + Fab
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum Nip + Fab

Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum

50ml/ 1.7 fl.oz
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Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum
Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum
Softer skin
02 November 2017
I've used about half a bottle now and I can definitely tell the difference it makes to my skin. It's a lot more softer and fresher looking. However I found that using this after exfoliating makes it burn, it doesn't last long though
Loved it
25 September 2017
This stuff actually worked really well for my skin. I've used it alone and mixed with one of their serums and loved it both ways. I did notice it plumping my skin, which is specifically what I was looking for in this product. Visit my blog at christinaschiccorner.com to read my more detailed review I posted about this and many other Nip + Fab items.
20 June 2017
I logged on to see if anyone else has had the same reaction and I note that at least one other person has. I liked this serum initially and it does have a nice fresh scent. It does apply well. However, as soon as I apply foundation over the serum I get a burning sensation on my face which is really quite unpleasant. It happens regardless of which foundation I use and regardless of how long I have let the serum dry before applying makeup. I have used the scrub without any problem but this serum stings quite a bit! Strange cos I haven't had any reaction to a product before. Would love to know what the problematic ingredient for my skin is.
Makes a positive difference to the look and feel of my skin
06 June 2017
I have been using the Dragons' Blood pads at night (followed by moisturiser and eye cream) and the Glycolic Fix pads in the morning for a while now and they have been great for my sensitive skin. I added in the Dragon's Blood serum into the morning routine about three weeks ago and it really plumps out the wrinkles in my skin. The only downside is that I will need to change my sunscreen as my current one doesn't sit well over the top of the serum. The sunscreen is quite a stiff cream and it crumbled off during the day, I think I will need to find a more fluid sunscreen as I don't want to stop using the serum.
16 May 2017
Laura wallace
I've been using the Dragons blood serum for about a month now, noticed a huge difference to the appearance of my skin! My makeup applies so well and people have commented on how healthy I look! I wouldn't use anything else now, it's amazing
Looooveeee it
15 April 2017
Incredible product! Use in the morning and it really hydrates the skin and feels amazing. Your skin looks and feels great after using and smells so so good. Plumps the skin really well and makes you look so much more awake.
12 April 2017
Kimberly B.
I came across Nip + Fab line at my local CVS just by browsing in September 2016. I had never heard of it but thought it looked very intriguing and gave the line a try. I started off with just three products one being the Dragon's Blood Fix Serum, Exfoliate Glycolic Cleansing Fix and the Post Glycolic Fix Moisturizer can we all just take a moment of silence in honor of these products! I am in my mid 40's and have always had perfect skin til I turned the big 40 so with that being said I was not aware of what products I might need to try and clear up this little bit of adult acne and texture to my skin. I mean I never had any issues before so to say the least over the 5 years I have tried so, so many products and so many different brands from drug store to high end even to the dermatologist. Nothing was really helping at all some even making my issues worse and yes I was giving all these products ample time to do what they claimed they would do, but nope none were working. I can honestly say when I came across this last September 2016 I had pretty much had just accepted the fact this was just my skin now you know just more things that come along with aging, BUT HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Nip + Fab has truly gave me back my smooth, clear, moisturized and plump skin I had long been missing n searching for. I have since purchased so many if their other products and just throughly enjoy every single one of them honestly. So I say to anyone that's tried many of things or just started with a new skin care regime definitely give this line a go you won't be sorry and I will just say now YOUR WELCOME.. I ended up over here on their site just because I found out today about the new line of make up they now have. I'm so excited to order some and give all that a try. I have not stumbled across the make up in my local stores I just heard about it this evening on social media and was esstatic can't wait to try it all... Thank you Nip + Fab for giving me my youthful, clear, glowing skin back...
11 April 2017
Penelope Wilson
Best serum on the market! Just got this serum a few days ago and ever since I've been obsessed, my skin feels refreshed, plump and hydrated! Works wonders with a hangover...
worst serum
07 January 2017
i was really excited to try this product out. but i was terribly disappointed when the pump wasn't working to pump out the serum. anyways, i was still excited to try out the product. so when i first put it on the skin. i tried pressing it to the skin. and i found out that its not easy to bend the serum at all. and it doesn't absorb into the skin, like other serums i have used. but the wrost thing was when the serum had first contact to my skin. i started having this burning sensation from the serum. like a burning sensation when you've been out in the sun to long and you try touch your face or when you put aloe vera on the burnt skin. Overall: i just didn't like the serum and how it sat on my skin. The serum just didnt to it for me (i would personally give this serum a 1 star rating but it didn't let me)
It's a dream!
01 December 2016
For the past few years I've suffered with terribly dry skin that would often get so dry it became uncontrollably itchy and red, and using a variety of regular moisturisers would moisturise the top few layers of skin but the itchiness or tightness would persist. But this stuff has put a stop to all of that after only 5 days of using it on a morning and a night. I only need to use one pump a time and it absorbs in super quick so you don't get the feeling that you're just mixing two products together when you put your moisturiser over it. I love it more than I can say, it's incredible!
Spectacular Product
30 October 2016
I had been looking for something to cure my dry skin/rash on my chin for about a year, nothing worked not even old remedies. I brought it in combination with Nip & Fab Soften-Kale Fix Moisturiser, within a WEEK it was gone. I'm left with perfect skin. Product: Light fresh smelling serum, instantly absorbs into the skin. Only need to use a very small amount (one pump) with every use. Cleanse your skin before you put this product on your face and then add a light moisturiser after for perfect results. Overall: A spectacular product, well worth the money spent- will be a permanent part of my beauty regime!
27 June 2015
This product does exactly what it says. Not only does it smell fresh, but it works wonders too! The serum isn't sticky at all, and once you apply it to your skin, it automatically feels hydrated, nourished & refreshed. It really does plump my skin and gives it so much moisture. I'll definitely be buying this again!!:):):)