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Glycolic Instant Fix Mask Extreme 5%


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Glycolic Instant Fix Mask Extreme 5%
Glycolic Instant Fix Mask Extreme 5%
Love this mask
08 October 2019
Gemma-Lee Bell
This is my holy grail, any texture or spots soon go once I apply this. Yes it can burn/tingle and yes you do go red but after you've washed it off the redness will soon subside. Just wish it wasn't out of stock!
11 June 2019
I bought this mask and used it today for 4 out of the 10 recommended minutes, my skin is on fire and I look like a burn victim. Reading here it says perform a patch test, it says no where on the packaging to do this. I'm only hoping my skin goes down. I'm really disappointed in the brand with this product.
Sensitive and Dry skin
07 May 2019
If you have extremely dry skin and sensitive skin don’t use this for the recommended amount of time. Only apply to the dry areas of your skin for a a minute of two max. Then most important is to wash it off properly and apply a thick moisturiser. Also spf the day after if going into the sun, even if you’re dark skinned (I’m dark skinned African). Used this for the last month and I don’t physical exfoliate anymore it was making my skin worse highly recommend!
19 April 2019
I've been using this for about 6 months, and it has done wonders for my stubborn post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and uneven tone & texture. I leave it on for ten minutes and no longer, I recommend leaving it on for less for fair or sensitive skin.
31 January 2019
I used to use this mask and it worked. I tried it today again after awhile and it left me with some redness and burning but if you can ignore that for a little bit then I’d say it works pretty good. Face feels smooth.
30 January 2019
First off, it’s an acid mask OF COURSE you are going to have some redness! Used for the first time tonight.. left on for 5 min. Yes it works and will continue to work!
You're either going to love it or hate it
22 September 2018
I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I've got to say I'm loving the results. I've used many different types of masks and I feel like this one can get the results a lot quicker (depending on your skin type). When I apply it does make my skin red but that goes not long after. I had a lot of congestion around the side of my face and on my nose and it's helped clear that up. Being 30 years old I feel like it's helped move some of those stubborn blackheads out and even out skin tone. Definitely skin test, not everyone will like the red skin afterwards (if you get that).
28 July 2018
I have had acne all my life, even when I was a little girl. It's hormonal and most products just can't do anything about it. I use this mask every other day while I take a bath. The steam helps open up the pores first so this can really work. I also use the overnight mask every night. I use a different brand cleanser that's for oily skin. I find this mask does not irritate my extremely sensitive skin. I get no redness, irritation, sensitivity, etc. It just goes on, sits for 10 minutes, and rinses off with warm water. Pat dry gently. I apply a sunscreen afterward. I'm seeing a huge reduction in redness and pore size. I just wanted the acne to go away but legit, my pores are smaller. My nose looks really smooth and shiny, it's nice because the sunscreen makes it matte again and it just looks great. Nice product, great low price, will keep purchasing.
The only thing I’ve found to give me the ‘glowy’ look!
20 May 2018
Don’t usually write reviews but seen a lot of people saying this product left their face red/burning I experienced this on first use but it did go away quite quick and leave my skin looking better than I’ve seen in years! The next time I used it I put a very thin layer on and have been building up and have not had any redness since this product is amazing I love it and it’s the only thing I’ve found to give me the ‘glowy’ Look. I love it and recommend to anyone!
29 April 2018
If you don’t have overly sensitive skin this can be an absolute game changer. I didn’t believe and let me tell you my mouth was open in disbelieve. Adult acne...Gone Pores and Blackheads on chin.....Gone. Skin....tighter and clear. Wrinkles....Diminished. Overall Complexion....Beautiful. I can not and will not be without this Product
08 March 2018
I love this product. I was a little hesitant buying it at first after reading some of the previous reviews but I must say my skin feels amazing and didn't 'burn' or leave my face red. I used the 'GLYCOLIC cleansing fix' and 'GLYCOLIC scrub fix' to clean my face first (I use these daily when washing my face in the shower) and then I applied the 'GLYCOLIC instant fix mask' I left on for roughly 10 minutes and washed off with warm water. Straight away my skin felt amazing! I then applied the 'GLYCOLIC over night purifying gel' with a few 'GLYCOLIC radiance shot' added (again I use these daily before going to bed) and when I woke up this morning my face felt amazingly smooth! I also find cleaning my face with the 'GLYCOLIC cleansing pads' and applying 'POST - GLYCOLIC fix moisturiser' straight after and leaving for 15/20 minutes to absorb fully into my skin my makeup stays on for longer through out the day. (Of course I use the full nip and fab make up range. The mascara is my favourite!) I couldn't recommend using the 'GLYCOLIC' range enough! I saw a massive difference on my face, after using for only 3/4 days!
25 February 2018
11 January 2018
Love this product, never failed me.
31 December 2017
The mask burnt my forehead leaving it red and blotchy . I do not have particularly sensitive skin so I do not know why it burnt .
totally in love with the end results
28 December 2017
The mask did not burn however, I just happened to pass a mirror and noticed my whole face was bright red! This was after around 3-4min. I washed my face straight away and followed with Glycolic Fix overnight gel mixed with the radiance shot. within 30min. all redness had gone and my skin looked and felt super smooth. Prior to using the mask, I washed my face with the cleansing fix, then used the scrub in the shower followed by a facial steam. I'm not sure if it was product overload for me but I will definitely be using again as I had no burning sensation and am totally in love with the end results.
31 October 2017
The mask occasionally gives me red patches whilst its on my face - but it is a mask containing acid and I like to see it working, however most of the time it doesn't make my face red at all and i tend to leave it on for an extra 10 minutes. Really helps my dry and flaking skin. Face feels smooth after use and you can see the pores on the nose look less visible. I love it, especially for the price.
Burns and leaves face red for hours
13 October 2017
Mask felt totally fine when on my face so left for the full 10 mins but as soon as I washed it off the burning sensation started and I now have a bright red face .... desperately hoping it goes down in a few hours and I'm out for my birthday dinner tonight :( Only found the reviews AFTER using the mask so while I'm relieved it's not just me who's had this reaction, I'm a bit distressed I'm going to be like this now for 2 days. Do a patch test ... or just avoid!
29 September 2017
The first time I used this product it was fine, if a little tingly on the skin. However, the second time I used it I had to rush to wash it off at 4 minutes as it was burning so much!! My face was bright bright pink and absolutely radiating heat. PLEASE patch test first and don't use it just before going out as I was red and hot for hours.
22 September 2017
I bought this mask and used it today for 4 out of the 10 recommended minutes, my skin is on fire and I look like a burn victim. Reading here it says perform a patch test, it says no where on the packaging to do this. I'm only hoping my skin goes down. I'm really disappointed in the brand with this product.
It burns!
21 September 2017
I've used this mask 3 times, the first couple of times by chance I didn't have time to leave on for the full 10 mins, it was more like 5, and didn't have any issues, but nor did I see or feel any difference. Unfortunately, last night I had time to leave on for the full 10 minutes and my face is still sore the following day. It burnt and hurt a lot, I had to have a cold wet flannel on my face mainly my cheeks for most of the night and the only thing my skin can currently deal with is water, I assume it's going to take at least a couple of days before my face will be able to accept any other product on it at all. Please do a patch test before using!!
26 August 2017
Tried the extreme pads - OK. Tried the wash - OK. Both kept away dead skin on t-zone but hardly made a vast improvement. Tried this mask - BOOM! Skin went red at about 8 mins. Normally I leave masks on for longer than stated but thought I'd better take this off at 10 mins as instructed. Easy to wash off. Super, super smooth skin. I have very fine lines on my forehead - completely gone! Laughter lines around my eyes (my biggest issue by far) severely reduced. I recently used the Boots No.7 Glycolic kit for 7 days (£24.99) which apparently has 10% Glycolic acid in it (this one has 5%). This stuff did far better after one use than No.7 did at the end of the week. And well over half the price and you get more uses! On the back of this, I have bought the Glycolic body lotion to hopefully get rid of the slight chicken skin I have on upper arms. Also bought the serum and moisturiser. Fingers crossed! BUY!
Left Red Faced
03 July 2017
I agree with the user below that has stated that the skin patch test should be written somewhere on the packaging! It's a bit useless having it on the website! My face is still burning and its been over an hour since I've used the mask. It feels like a really bad sunburn. Unless I wake up and find my skin magically looks amazing I wont be using again. Please, please, please put the skin patch test somewhere on the packaging. Perhaps it would be an idea to put this on as opposed to your "wear sunscreen during daytime" advice.
Literally Instant Fix
30 May 2017
Just wow.
22 December 2016
Would have been useful to have the recommendation about doing a patch-test on the packaging of the item, given as I bought this from a shop. The texture of my skin feels nice having used the mask, except for the redness and burning on parts of my face...! Not sure I'll be using it again!
Burned the crap out of my face
21 December 2016
DEFINITELY do a test patch first. This was horrible for my skin and left me with what looks and feels like a sunburn
16 April 2016
used this product twice can see a massive difference in my fine lines
The BEST part of my routine!!
27 July 2015
This mask is by far the best and most important part of my beauty regimen. I have those horrible little red bumps around my jawline and after one use they were practically gone! My skin felt so tight and clean! And it definitely doesn't irritate my sensitive skin which I was a little cautious of. Such a perfect formula! Nothing can beat this mask for me.
Real reults
17 July 2015
I use this once a week - on my face and the back of my hands - it really makes a difference. Its not harsh - some other products I have used made my skin sensitive, and caused redness, this doesn't. My skin looks smooth and feels soft. My skin is looking much better - less lines, and looks more like the pictures of those perfect women who have perfect skin. For years I have yearned for perfect skin - trying to get my skin like the people in the magazines. My skin has never looked better in texture, less lines, smooth and soft. I am using the viper venom night cream as well - not sure which is creating this brilliant effect - my advice - splash out and get both - you wont be disappointed.
02 July 2015
This absolutely exfoliates your face. No doubt whatsoever. It leaves your face feeling realllllly smooth :) My skin went completely pink after a few minutes wearing the mask :) (although I did use the Glycolic Scrub before applying the mask) I have only used this mask once and just one 10 minute application made more of a visible difference to my skin than a whole 2 weeks of using the Glycolic Fix Serum alongside the Scrub and the regular strength Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads. I'm not sure why my skin reacts so differently to this product but this mask is definitely now a staple of my skincare routine. Okay, well until I can afford the Rodial Super Acids :) For me, this mask, and the Glycolic Fix Cleanser are the stars of the Glycolic range, along with the Glycolic Fix Night Pads. The only thing now left that I want to try from the Glycolic range is the Overnight Purifying Gel. I'm super excited about that because it also contains Salicylic acid and I have random breakouts ....and I'm hoping it's less sticky than the Glycolic Fix Serum.
05 May 2015
I tried this mask as I wanted to get rid of spot scars and with in the first day of use I noticed a difference! everyday I notice improvements!! This is the only product that has ever worked for me!!!
23 March 2015
This mask is the best I ever had. My face is so moisturised and soft. The price is a bit of high but it`s definitely woth it!