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Glycolic Fix Serum

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Glycolic Fix Serum
Glycolic Fix Serum
03 April 2018
Exactly what my skin needed. I'm very dry and flaky, and less than a week after using this just at night my skin is noticeably smoother and even.
Breakouts every time!
09 October 2017
I wanted to like this product but it every time I used it my face broke out
Glycolic Fix Serum
29 July 2017
I've only tried this once so far however my skin is already feeling a lot smoother and looks a lot less dry and dull than before I used it. I'm a little concerned about how red it made my skin for several hours after I used it though. I don't know whether this is normal or down to my skin being sensitive. Also, none of the 4 products I purchased came with instructions detailing how often they can be used or whether they can be used together. A little more information about the products would be good.
A must have!
21 July 2017
This product has cleared my skin since the moment I put it on! I have very acne prone skin, large pores, and black heads and this serum had helped them all tremendously. I use it before bed and in the morning. I would highly recommend. Leaves my skin glowing and clear.
24 May 2017
I suffer with blackheads on my nose and chin. They're very deep and even a facial couldn't shift them. After reading other reviews I thought this would be perfect for me but sadly is wasn't, if anything it's made my skin worse. I've been using for 4days and each day I've woken up with white heads, something I don't usually suffer from. From reading other reviews I still believe this is a great product for some but just not for me
smoother, even skin
19 April 2017
I use this serum at night and find no need for moisturiser on top. It exfoliates your surface layer of skin so the next day you wake up your skin appears much fresher and feels smoother. i find if i use this regularly i barely need to use any moisturiser as this just seems to remove all the dry, old skin cells. It does have a slightly sticky texture, although i don't really mind since i would not use it in the day anyway (glycolic acid causes sun sensitivity) used sparingly it is super effective.
17 April 2017
Awful stuff. Sticky and makes skin so shiny - having to use extra make up to matte the extra shine. Month of using this range skin far worse.
Best for blackheads!
05 January 2017
I have tried every blackhead solution in the market to no avail. My nose was covered in blackheads for as long as I can remember. After using this product for just a few days I am amazed at how much clearer my skin is! Nothing has ever given me such terrific results.
I love this!!!
28 December 2016
I received a sample of this from ipsy. I am in love with it!!! I am 50 and my skin looks beautiful after just a few days. I will be buying this product!!!
A must have!!
27 July 2015
Once i started using this serum in the rest of my Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix regimen it was just the icing on the cake! I woke up the first day with just cleaner, clearer skin! my pores were also significantly diminished as well! I love it so much and I feel like I look so much better! You just can't argue with the glow the Glycolic Fix system gives you, especially this serum!
09 March 2015
Jodie M
I have terribly enlarged pores and blackheads, as well as pretty acne prone skin. I'm 28 years old and I have been dealing with these issues since I'm 13 years old. I recently purchased this product at Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada (on sale no less!) and it entirely changed my life in 3 days. This serum is incredible. My pores are visibly smaller and cleaner, all of my pimples have dried up, and yesterday, for the first time since I'm 13 years old, I walked out of my house with no make up but a bit of blush, and radiant glowing skin. I cannot say enough about this product and I have been spamming reviews all over the internet about it. LIFE CHANGING. Thank you, Nip + Fab!
Excellent if you want clear skin!
02 March 2015
This product has worked from the first day I put it on, my skin has become much clearer, looks radiant and after 2 weeks has a healthy glow. I also use this with the glycolic fix exfoliating pads and glycolic fix cleanser and my face looks alive and full of energy. Definitely Worth IT!