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Glycolic Scrub Fix

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75ml/ 2.53fl.oz
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Glycolic Scrub Fix
Glycolic Scrub Fix
05 June 2017
I love this product! I had to go away for bootcamp and my skin went out of control without it! Oily, bumpy, and scars galore! When I got out and went to a new town for A-school I couldn't find it and settled for clean and clear with glycolic acid but it wasn't the same. Now that I'm home on leave I'm buying ALL the bottles. I don't want to be without it again.
05 June 2017
NO! It has microbeads in it. This is polluting the ocean. If you're heartless then admittedly it works after several uses and smells nice. However this is due to artificial fragrances. You would be better off buying a more natural exfoliant.
01 March 2017
This fresh scented scrub is life changing!! I had been having problems with painful, under the skin spots. Since using this scrub alongside the dragons blood pads for a fortnight or so, I can see a clear difference! My skin is clear, glowing and redness from scars has been reduced significantly. I can't wait to try more products from Nip+Fab
Easily my all time favorite
03 December 2016
I think it smells like celery, but that's just me. I found a product in Denmark that I loved so much, but can't find in the states. I found this because they smelled the same and I thought it was worth a shot. It's easily the best face polish I've used. There's another brand very similar for twice the price, so this is perfect. I wish the bottle was bigger though. This reduces skin texture in one use for me and helps remove the flaky areas near my eyebrows and cheek, and stops breakouts quick. I love it.
07 July 2016
I had a really bad breakout all over my cheek and various acne spots all over my face. I used this scrub for 5 days and started noticing a difference. A week later most of my acne is cleared up!