Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

$19.95 $17.00
60 pads/55mm diameter
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Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads
Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads
$19.95 $17.00
27 February 2021
I absolutely love these. So simple to use and they actually do what they say they will.
27 February 2021
Fabulous at smoothing out your skin, getting rid of rough patches, and helps with acne scars and discolouration.
A Must Have
23 February 2021
Dearbhla McAleenan
These are my go to every night. First thing to cleanse my face and when i dont have them i feel a little lost. These are refreshing and i have loved them for a while. And when these are on deal i load up. Definitely recommend!
Fab, wipes
26 January 2021
I love these cleansing pads, I have problem skin and they’ve really helped unclogging my pores.
25 January 2021
Really love these. Also have the night ones as well. I can’t believe how much grime they can get off your face even with a double cleanse with nip abs fab. Definitely brightens skin and removes dead lots clearer already after a month of use. And after 3/4 months skin much less congested!
Cleansing pad
13 January 2021
Just been recommended these by mum and have to say so far im pleased . I use wipes and was surprised at how much was still on my face once I used the pads. Will continue to use for sure.
Love these...
07 January 2021
I alternate these daily with the vit C pads and my very damaged 50yr old skin is so much better. Thank you!
Silky smooth skin
19 December 2020
I’ve only been using these for 3 days now, and have already ordered more products. My skin is much smoother and the rough dry patches that I had have disappeared. I’d highly recommend these products.
love this product
19 February 2020
This is so easy to use. My skin is soft, clear and old acne marks are fading every day. love this product
19 December 2019
Deborah Cutting
So I've brought loads of different products over the years. All different brands and there are not many that I repeat buy. However these pads are amazing!!!!!!! I suffer from dry skin and these worked for me straight away!!!!! I've now tried the no needle moisturiser and I love that too. I'm hoping to get more of the range for Christmas as I've dropped lots of hints to my husband. Ha.
Obsessed with these!
17 October 2019
I'm a 20 year old girl with combo skin and get the odd hormonal spot, i used one of these wipes for the first time before going to bed and instantly made my face feel tight and refreshed, when i woke up the next morning my spots had dried out and gone. they are honestly amazing I use 3 a day, morning, afternoon (i get oily throughout the day) and one before bed. I carry them around with me everywhere. Also after removing makeup these wipes take makeup off your face that you didn't know you still had on. my go to skin product.
15 June 2019
Love these. I have dry skin and was worried these would dry it out more, but they don’t. Every time I get a free batch with an order I’m over the moon and these have become a staple in my beauty regime.
so grateful
01 May 2019
This product, along with the Glycolic pads extreme, and the Salicylic night pads are the best things I've discovered from nipandfab and i loove so many of their products (not all, im not partial). I have serums and creams incorporated in to my routine, but alongside providing me with all the nourishing and strengthening benefits, no amount of face wash would give me a clean deep enough to start with a fresh face, and i would always have really uneven bumpy skin on my forehead, cheeks and chin. Basically all over my face. I'd pick on them which would irritate them more, leave scars, and provoke more breakouts, my skin was hell. After only a week of using these pads, there are next to NO bumps on my face from blocked pores and whiteheads and this has never been the case since i was 13 !! I am so grateful that these pads exist. Thank you nip&fab, i actually didnt ever think i could even out my skin and for an affordable price.
These have helped my hyper pigmentation SOOOOO MUCH
25 February 2019
I have spent so long trying find a product that helps with my acne marks that last for a minimum of 6 months and this is it! I have been using these for a month and some of my marks that have been here for months have completely faded away! Not only has it helped with my pigmentation but now if I get a pimple it is so much smaller and dryer from the start! These have helped my skin so much, I just bought the extreme version hoping to see some awesome results! Only thing is that these do make your skin much more sensitive to the sun so please wear sunscreen or a hat when using these
24 January 2019
I was sceptical about these pads as their gentle nature meant I didn’t see results instantly but wow am I glad I carried on using them. A couple of weeks of using at night and my skin is so soft and clear. I use at night, leave for a couple of hours then apply my normal nighttime skincare. I read another review where someone cut the pads in half which I do as there’s enough product on them and you get twice the use then :) a firm favourite in my skincare routine!
31 October 2018
I took a chance on these pads when they were half price at Superdrug and I’m so glad I did! They have really helped keep my skin clear from spots, evened skin tone and texture. I would highly recommend to anyone to add this into your skincare routine!!!
05 August 2018
A few months ago during the college semester i couldn't get my skin to clear up. A friend recommended this brand to me after she had the same problem and could notice her skin clearing up. After a few weeks of using the pads my skin cleared nicely. They are strong but very effective and leave such a satisfying cleanliness feel to the skin. No regrets.
Absolutely fantastic
18 April 2018
This product has changed my skin for the better, I suffer from spot prone skin and blotchy skin. These pads after only using them for 1 month have calmed my skin and my scarring is almost gone, I can not get enough, ladies I highly recommend using these in your skin car routine! They are amazing x
03 March 2018
Great idea for the pads to be ready to go because it’s pre soaked in the cleanser but it left my skin with a burning feeling and it stung my eyes when I cleaned it and I don’t have sensitive skin. Each person reacts differently to products but I wouldn’t personally recommend it.
Can't rave about these enough
26 February 2018
I have never left a review on a product before but I really felt the need to share my thoughts as they really have changed my skin for the better. I have suffered from acne from a young teen, tried many products even been to the doctors & been put on several treatments. This product by far has made the most difference. It has completely improved the texture of my skin & got rid of my scaring. I have got so many compliments on my skin lately & I really do put it down to this product being added to my skin care routine. Can't rave about these enough.
14 January 2018
These have really improved the texture of my skin, I use these daily and once a week I swap to use the extreme pads as they are stronger. They do make your skin feel sticky however I only use them before bed so isn't a major issue for myself.
Love It
15 December 2017
I never found a product that would remove my black heads until I tried these pads. They do for me what other cleansers would claim too. Now I can't go without them. When you first use them they will make you break out its part of process stay strong it will be worth it
08 December 2017
Got a sample of these and have been using one at night time. The very dry patch on my forehead has gone and my skin is improving. It does leave a slight sticky residue, but you can either moisturise or only apply at night to solve this. Highly recommended!
Very good I’m super sensitive skin but leaves a sticky residue
04 October 2017
I had received a sample of these pads and loved how smooth they would make my face however if I did not wash my face after using them my face would be sticky for the rest of the day. However very good for super sensitive skin like mine didnt irritate at all!!
Not for oily skin!
28 September 2017
Lovely smell, really nice product. Only downside is that it made the oily parts of my skin even more oily! :(
Smooth clean skin without irritation!!
07 August 2017
I have been using these pads for almost a month now and can already see difference in my skin condition. Most of the large pores are fading away and these pads have helped with my blackheads problem too. I have dry and sensitive skin and get reaction from most of the wipes but these pads did not give me any reaction. I use only one pad and it gives me enough product to clean my makeup and whole face. The smell is beautiful and they do not sting or feel rough. After using pad my skin does not feel tight or dry and it gives me smooth clean skin. The pads have got witch hazel in them which has amazing effect on skin breakouts. I can already see my skin looks brighter and more dewy. I think I will be using this product forever now!!
02 August 2017
I have tried and must say they are very good, the only think is that leave the skin a bit sticky but apart that the product its very good indeed.
31 July 2017
i have been sent these to try in a super handy compact size. I actually have sensitive skin-these seem to be ok. I like the handy size-but need 2 to clean my makeup off. I use them then rinse under the tap. I really like the strength in such a small size. I will buy again-a bit bigger size-or thicker would mean i dont need 2 and i dont wair much make up.
Effective but I withheld a star for the stickiness
13 June 2017
These don't feel as effective as the night pads. I know they're working but they leave behind a really sticky layer on my skin, I've taken to cutting the pads in half to reduce product applied which helped a little but I'm not sure these are very beneficial for oily skin. any tips on countering the texture issue? tia!
Love them
06 March 2017
I love the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. I've been using them for about a month now and I have definitely been able to see a difference in the texture of my skin. It can leave a sticky texture behind, though, so I recommend applying a light moisturizer over it. Visit my blog at to read my more detailed review I posted about it.
Love Them!
09 December 2016
These pads were my first introduction to this brand, and I love them! I noticed after a week my skin looked much brighter. I've been using them for two months now and I can't imagine my morning routine without them!
Holy Grail
08 September 2016
I love these pads, they did exactly what it says they will. I suffer from occasional break outs, but once I started using these my face cleared right up. When I ran out or didn't use them for a few days I really noticed a dull and difference in my skin, breakouts and all.
Makes my skin feel so smooth
29 April 2016
I love these pads! They don't feel harsh on the skin at all and are a refreshing wipe to use after an initial cleanse. I found that after a few days of use my skin felt a lot smoother. Would recommend.
25 April 2016
Obsessed with these! My skin has never felt better!
Game Changer!
21 April 2016
These face pads are simply great! I was dubious initially as I have sensitive skin, but suffer from uneven skin and the occasional break-out. These smoothed out the texture and evened out the slight hyper-pigmentation I suffered from in less than 2 weeks. My pores are tighter and I get complimented all the time now! :-)
07 September 2015
I use them after I shower after using the Glycolic fix cleanser and they are great. My skin is soft, smooth, and even. This doesn't sting my face, either, and it makes me feel refreshed. I highly recommend it.
So calming!
27 July 2015
I'm always a little scared to try out any exfoliating pads because my skin is rather sensitive but these pads have saved my face! they clean the oily parts of my face so well and soothe the drier parts! So glad i finally found something that works for me and gives results!
June 6,2015
25 June 2015
So far I like them alot
Normally I would hesitate to try any new products on my sensitive skin but these pads have made my face feel softer and more hydrated within just a few days. First time trying them and I'd definitely buy them again once I run out :)
28 January 2015
I've been using less then a week and already notice a difference, I love it and the price is reasonable.
So far .. soooo good
14 January 2015
I'm currently on my 6th day in and I love this product! I suffer from Eczema, so the first few wipes stung slightly but that's it!! Skin feels refreshed afterwards, not sticky and the best result is that it doesn’t further dry my skin out! Love this and have recommended it to friends
Does what it says it will
27 October 2014
Does what it says it will I have used these pads for 2 weeks and they have really made a difference to my 69 year old skin now want to try rest of range