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Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot

$24.95 $6.00
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Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot
Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot
$24.95 $6.00
24 January 2019
I bought this when it was in the £5 favourites and wow I love this! I mostly add it to my dragons blood extreme serum as it creates a lovely soft base for make up. If I don’t plan on wearing make up I use it as a concentrate for a plump dewy finish. Keen to try the bee sting eye cream!
Loved it
25 September 2017
I was so scared to use this product in the beginning because bee venom is a scary ingredient to be putting on your face, but this was actually very nice. It absorbed into the skin very quickly, didn't leave behind any oily residue and provided a lot of nourishment. Visit my blog at to read my more detailed review I posted about this and many other Nip + Fab items.
Beauty Blogger & Makeup Artist
14 September 2017
I absolutely love this Repairing Shot! I have been using it for 6 days now either in my moisturizer, serum or directly on my skin. in combination with the Dragons Blood Plumping Mask. My skin is dramatically different. Super baby smooth hydrating, reduced redness. Non irritating, moisturized, back to life! I highly recommend this product! Video review can be found on my blog
03 September 2017
I've been using this for about 6 months now. My skin tone is perfectly even now and glowing. I've stopped wearing a foundation bc of how healthy my skin looks. I love this product!