Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Night Nip + Fab

Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Night

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Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Night
Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Night
Absolutely brilliant product
05 September 2020
I have very oily combination skin and have tried so many products over the years , this is by far the best I just wish it was in stock more, I use most of the salicylic range and want to try more products from this range but find it out of stock constantly which is such a shame I use it religiously of a night and would love to get my hands on the day one and the scrub Don’t let the range name mislead you ,I am in my mid 30s and it has worked wonders for my skin so definitely not just for teens
Post-Pregnancy miracle!
10 July 2020
I gave birth to my little boy a month ago and after the birth my hormones went crazy. I have never had acne like it, not even when I was a teenager! I’m 30 years old and the cystic acne that appeared on my chin and around my mouth was so painful and itchy and was constantly just weeping and bleeding (and I wasn’t even picking at it!) it was so embarrassing I was happy to be self-isolating again so I didn’t have to go anywhere or see anybody! I ordered this after loving the Glycolic and Salycilic range and the difference after the first wash (in conjunction with some of the salycilic range) is amazing! Overnight the redness and soreness of the spots was gone. No more weeping or bleeding and now a week later they’re almost gone. I also have suffered with huge, clearly visible pores and blackheads on my nose and chin for as long as I can remember and nothing has ever cleared or reduced them... until I used this! My blackheads and pores are definitely less visible and I’m hoping will help clear them completely with continued use. Amazing product and so glad I took a punt to buy it!
Smells nice
11 June 2020
Gemma W
I have only used this a few time’s over past few weeks it’s more for if I get that time of the month break out I use it for but so far I like it but I haven’t used it daily
Very dry skin after a week of use
26 May 2020
After using this product after a week the sides of my face started peeling. This is due to the amount of acid and my face was very sore and dry. Do not recommend for people who haven’t used acids on there face before (:
The only thing to ever help my acne
17 October 2019
So I've had acne since I was 13, and I don't mean one or two spots, I mean incredibly painful skin that would keep me inside unless I had make up on, and that I received treatment from my GP for. Unfortunately none of the acid based treatments they gave me worked, and as I have depression, I couldn't take any hormonal treatment. I have in tried basically every product released from 2010 intended to treat acne, and most either make my skin worse, work for about a week, or dry it out so badly that it's peeling as if I have sunburn. I've used Nip and Fab before, but the stronger pads and gels for acne but didn't have any much luck with it. But within about two weeks of using this product, my skin started to clear up, my breakouts were more manageable, with smaller less painful spots. It's not cured my acne, I didn't expect it to, but it has helped more than even the treatment given to me by my GP. My acne scars seem more faded too. I still break out a bit, and my blackheads are still there, but as far as actual painful spots, I get far far fewer. It's a little drying on the skin so I paired it up with Boots cucumber moisturiser, and I will never change my skincare routine again, as I can now for the first time in years, go outside without make up, without having panic attacks or feeling paranoid. I'm aware my skin is still far from perfect, but it hasn't been anything close to this clear from I was 13, I really mean that. I'd advise it to anyone, it's really gentle, and effective. I've been using it for about 6 months now, and it has gradually helped my skin. I use a small amount every night after removing my make up if I wear it, and follow it with moisturiser.
09 May 2019
has really cleared up the areas i had acne. although, in the parts i didn’t it dried out and made really red & dry patches especially all over my chin and around my nose. would recommend just using it on the areas you have acne on.
Life Saver
21 April 2019
I have really bad blackheads and some acne on my chin and i’ve been using the night one daily for a week and it’s mostly cleared up. my skin feels smoother and it’s genuinely been the only product that’s worked well for me. definitely recommend!
08 April 2019
Bianca B
This is an amazing product! I’m not a teen but have struggled with bad skin in my mid to late twenties and this face wash has been a life saver! I would really recommend!
23 February 2019
I have used several skin products before and never had a reaction but this and the day wash has left me with sore, broken and itchy skin. It has only made my skin worse that it has ever been.
24 November 2018
I suffer from pretty bad acne as a teenager (16yrs) but whenever I use this, my acne and spots go down within the week and my breakouts are never as strong or as often. Whenever I don't use it I can tell it did make a difference because my acne goes back to how it used to within a week. Really recommend!
20 January 2018
I recently purchased this and its left my skin sore, dry, inflamed and it looks disgusting
06 September 2017
I've been using this and the day one for about a week and it started to work but then I started to get dry patches and I've never got that before
19 August 2017
I've been using the night and day pore blaster wash for a week now and my skin looks clearer and feels soft but now there are small, red and dry patches appearing on my skin. I have no idea if this is because of the product or not but my skin hasn't reacted badly to anything before.