Salicylic Fix Clay Mask

NEW Salicylic Fix Clay Mask

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NEW Salicylic Fix Clay Mask
NEW Salicylic Fix Clay Mask
Best Clay Mask out there!
04 December 2020
This is by far the best clay face mask out there. The clay works to draw out impurities and mattify but the real star is Salicylic Acid which prevents spots. Amazing combination. And super affordable when on sale for 190ml!
Complete Gamechanger
16 August 2020
Charlotte S
In all honesty, this stuff has changed my skin in a matter of 3-4 weeks! I cannot believe the difference! So I have never really had spotty or blemished skin but I do occasionally suffer with pustules and occasional modules when it’s been hot or I’ve sweat a lot throughout the day. My skin cannot stand any products that contain oil and that’s usually the problem however I have been using this clay mask every day for the last 3-4 weeks and I genuinely haven’t had a single blemish for over 2 weeks. My skin feels clearer, smoother and healthier. My pores are totally reduced and I feel so much more confident wearing less makeup and proud of my skin. I also have super sensitive skin and am very picky of the products I use but this is great! During this heatwave especially this stuff has been a lifesaver. Highly recommend if you have skin that is sensitive to oil based products to remove any build up! Absolute game changer!
Great mask
01 August 2020
Love the whole range. I used to use the glycolic range but this one seems to really make a difference. I’ve been using the mask a couple of times a week, along with other products in the range and can see a difference. I’ll always get hormonal spots but they don’t seem as bad and my skin overall looks better.
28 July 2020
So I first heard of this nip & fab range and did a mass run round local shops to get the full range. I couldn’t. So I ventured to the net. I could not believe how quickly it arrived & was so excited to try it. On first applying my skin tingled, almost stung (I did not patch test like suggested) but that soon past. My skin looks & feels so much clearer. Biggest problem being visible pores. I have now ventured to buy the full range and actually worked a full day today with NO foundation as my skin looks so much clearer.
27 July 2020
Fluffy bunny
I'm just turning 40 and still have oily teenage skin (shouldn't complain as I don't look my age so I'm convinced oily skin actually helps with ageing!) It's keeping its moisture after all ;-) Anyhow I love this range so much, I just had to try the mask and WOW! first time using it the tingles start then fade, and you can actually feel the pores being purged it's an incredible feeling!! I left in on an hour after washing first in the gel cleanser from the same range and finished with my clinic moisturiser for oily skin and my skin has never felt so amazing. I use clinique anti blemish range alongside this range and the two work together so well :-) I rotate them as the gel cleanser in this range can be quite drying so I only use it 2-3 times a week and the same for the mask. Next I'll be trying the new moisturiser in this range. If you have oily to combination skin you need this mask and this entire range in your life! Oh and my skin is sensitive and even so this mask never irritated me, if anything it made it feel even softer.
25 July 2020
10/10 would highly recommend! I suffer from acne and this has cleared it right up!
One of the greats
23 July 2020
really helped with regards to my breakouts. I love the tingly feeling when you put it on your skin. It makes it feel really clean too. I've used a few high end masks before and this is as good. I will be buying again definitely thank you.
Great for your skin makes your face feel so soft
21 July 2020
Aimee Pye
This product smells so good and feels so smooth when you apply it onto your face and all of the ingredients are natural
18 July 2020
I bought this and the salicylic serum about a week ago to help reduce stubborn blackheads and within 5 days my T zone looks so much clearer! The blackheads have shrunk and mostly disappeared and my pores appear smaller. Overall my skin feels much smoother and looks much more even- I took before and after photos to check and the difference is crazy. This mask smells lovely, is such a nice consistency and doesn’t dry my skin out or make it feel tight at all! Would really recommend this and you get a lot of product for the price!
17 July 2020
Amazing face mask! Leaves your face feeling fresh & glowy! Definitely worth the money & definitely will be purchasing again!
Absolutely love love
16 July 2020
I love this range and have all of it but this face mask is a game changer, gets deep down into pores and skin feels amazing afterwards, so in love I ordered another one a day later
15 July 2020
I was so excited to try this after reading the reviews! The results after just one use are amazing, can’t wait to see the results with continued use!
Do your research first on salicylic acid
12 July 2020
I decided to purchase this face mask after reading the reviews of other customers. I am quite disappointed by this product as it has caused me to breakout with big, red, inflamed spots. From this I can gather the salicylic acid is doing its job and drawing out my impurities, hence why my skin is purging. Although it is quite frustrating as it doesn’t mention this could happen in the description. Overall it is a good face mask but I would be weary using it again due to the outbreak it caused. I hope my skin clears up and my pores reduce.
The best!
11 July 2020
I tried this product for the first time today and my skin feels incredible. just after 1 use i can already see and feel the difference. my skin looks brighter, my spots appear less red and my face is so smooth! After trying many different brands and products I have FINALLY found the holy grail of face masks and i can not recommend this product enough!
07 July 2020
Brought this a few days ago and have used it twice so far..I have had bad skin for years on and off but recently has got worse. Been using nip and fab for hears and saw this I jumped at the chance to try and omg it's amazing. My skin after use feels so soft, spots are smaller and less red. Wonder product.
Great clay mask!
06 July 2020
I’m a huge of clay masks and when this was announced I added it to my collection straight away. It’s such a great mask!! It’s not drying at all, it’s a lovely texture and you get so much products - a little goes a long way and it leave my skin clear and bright. I love the packing too!
A second chance!
04 July 2020
I used mask for the first time this evening and after just one application I can already see a huge difference in my skin. The holes on my forehead are almost gone and my skin is sooooo smooth! i have bought every mask under the sun and was using Sand and Sky and Glamglow before this and this is by far the best of the 3! I can’t wait to use it again - it’s a permanent in my evening skincare regime now! Thank you Nip+Fab!
30 June 2020
Bought this from Superdrug the other day as I've been struggling with really spotty skin lately. In 3 days, it's cleared my skin up completely, & made my skin so smooth & bright. Best mask I've ever used, think I may get a few more products from the same range to add to my routine.
29 June 2020
Victoria Myers
The clay mask is amazing. It made my skin feel so clean and soft! I will be stocking up