Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel
Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel
Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel
Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel

Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel

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Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel
Fake Tan Mousse Express - Caramel
17 December 2020
I'm a novice with fake tans as I normally use a sunbed. After starting medication for acne I'm no longer able to even go out without SPF so thought I would try a fake tan. I was very skeptical as I hate the orange look. To my surprise it went on lovely after using the exfoliating pads... Smells great very flawless looking and lovely colour (I purchased caramel). I did want a little darker colour so applied a second coat half way through drying time (I left it 3hrs altogether) and it's turned out lovely. Very impressed. I will see how it fades though
It is Ok
14 August 2020
thought I would try this as i love nip and fab products. It goes on really nicely only has a slight smell which is quite nice for a tanning product my only complaint is it wasn't a deep enough tan i am pretty fair in skin so played it safe with caramel thinking it might be to dark but it only gave me a slight glow so i would go darker next time.
Best tan Ever!
03 August 2020
Lisa J
I've used a lot of tanning products in my time due to being very pale skinned. I have to say this is the best one yet! It doesn't smell. Goes on like silk using the mitt and leaves me looking a beautiful colour. I've had lots of comments since using it!
Best tan I’ve tried!
22 July 2020
Not normally a massive fake tan fan as a lot are too warm for my skin tone but this looks lovely and really natural! Went on amazing, smells really strong of coconut. Only issue is slightly sticky when drying, have found it also takes even better if left on overnight!
21 May 2020
Wow! I'm currently sat in my express tan. I have never used nip and fab tan or products.. But.. Wow! I'm so happy! No irritated skin, was like velvet applying it! I got a tan mit too! I've tried skinny tan..my skin instantly stung, hot and uncomfortable..! I use cheap too. But nothing like this! Really impressed! Can't wait to wash off to see the results! One happy customer! Oh also i get a bit of pigmentation on my chest with every tan i use! Not this one! Brilliant!
23 August 2019
This tan is a must for regular tanner's! Develops in 3 hrs with a nice even tan. Smells lush not like the usual tan biscuit smell also doesn't leave your skin sticky when developing. The tan has a olive undertone so looks like a real tan. Other tans make me personally breakout in spots, this one doesn't irritate the skin. I've had many compliments on this tan.
10/10 *****
11 April 2019
Amazing! So easy to apply - streak free, no horrible smell, kind of smells like holiday coconutish! Put it on for the three hours and the colour stayed after a shower, really love it! PS - If you're getting this invest in the mitt its also so good - super soft I'm olive skinned in the sun and this has given me a lovely glow! Would suit any skin colour and type (I have eczema and it did not irritate me) :) 10/10 *****