Teen Skin Salicylic Acid Night Pads

Salicylic Fix Night Pads

£14.95 £8.00
60 pads/55mm diameter
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Salicylic Fix Night Pads
Salicylic Fix Night Pads
£14.95 £8.00
16 June 2020
I never write reviews on skins products usually but these pads are absolutely amazing!! Only used them for 3 nights so far but my skin has almost fully cleared in just 3 uses?! I am so impressed with them, would definitely recommend if you suffer from acne
01 June 2020
I've struggled with finding the perfect products for my skin and being a beautician I have tried every high end products or products ive trained with but nothing will compare to NIP+FAB and I've been using the salicylic night since march 2020 and they are amazing if you suffer with oily/ combination skin. ive now got the whole salicylic range along with the Vitamin C range and my skin is the best its ever been! I have been recommending NIP+FAB to anyone who has been asking about my skin!!
Best purchase!
28 May 2020
My skin is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember! I get quite a lot of spots and my main issue is acne scars and little spots on bumps on my foreheads and cheeks. I have tried most things, and other products have slightly worked but I have never seen such as a rapid and big change in my skin than I have with the salicylic fix pads! I am so so so impressed, I never ever write reviews but I have always been afraid to try new products such as nip+fab but these was so worth the purchase! Would 100% recommend x
24 April 2020
Ok so I don’t usually write reviews.. however recently I have been struggling with acne again at the age of 22. Skin specialist recommended the teen range and some salicylic acid for my skin. so I bought 1) Teen skin pore blaster day wash and have been using x1 a day. Amazing. I will continue to buy if stays at £6.99. 2) XXL Toner salicylic acid 2% extreme - £10 again will buy again for same price. 3) Salicylic night pads £14.95- bit more on the pricey side. I use the wash daily and switch between the pads and toner at night, I will warn that these products do dry the skin, however with the help of mosturiser I have found them amazing. Within two days I have noticed my acne as calmed and the redness has gone, I am hopefully by the end of the week it will of cleared as everyday it is getting clearer with each use (day 3). I have even noticed that pores on my nose and chin e.g black heads and open pores have been minimised and not as noticeable after day 3. I will continue to use these products as I feel they are great value for amazing results. I hope it says that way :) Hoping to try some hydrating brightening products next, perhaps Vit C range and look into which hydrating range nip fab has to offer. But Thankyou!! My skin has massively improved as I was starting to get down about this. I will be a true customer now forward :)!!
23 September 2018
Whilst no longer a teen I've suffer with little spot like bumps on my forehead for as long as I can remember. The day I read an article recommending salicylic acid for the bumps the range launched. I use other products and have always been impressed so decided to give them a go. And they work! After just over a week's worth of use my skin is bright and the little spots are nowhere to be seen! Completely recommend to anyone, not just teens.