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Viper Venom Eye Fix


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Viper Venom Eye Fix
Viper Venom Eye Fix
22 April 2018
This is a really lovely product to use. The metal ball is incredibly cooling and the gel inside is light and easily absorbed leaving the under eye area looking hydrated due to a nice dose of hyaluronic acid. I'm not sure whether this actually works for anti-aging as I'm only 23 and this isn't a concern for me right now but I can hope!
03 January 2017
I've tried everything for puffy eyes, this is without the best I've tried!! I couldn't be without it now
Feels GR8
11 June 2016
I just purchased this product and I noticed right way the cooling properties in it . I also like that I can put it on a few time a day when my eyes are feeling dry . I'm looking forward to get the other benefits .
Powerful weapon against fine lines!
02 March 2015
I purchased this roll on along with the Viper Venom Serum as I heard about the effects of syn-ake and this is one serious product! Fine lines and crows feet were reduced considerably and I felt less need to squint due to the relaxing properties of syn-ake! Will definitely make you look younger! It worked so well for me I bought it for my Mum and she swears by it!
this works !
03 January 2015
I have suffered from puffy eyes for years , creams causing more puffiness. Then I came across this by chance. this reduces puffiness instantly . It is cooling and can reapplied throughout the day, over make up. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE WITHOUT THIS EVER.
Fantastic product
17 October 2014
I bought this while on holiday in the UK and absolutely love it. It is the BEST product I have ever used on my under eye area and really helps with wrinkles and fine lines. Unfortunately I cant seem to buy it here in Australia and I have just ordered more online. Try it, it's amazing!