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Salicylic Fix Tonic

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Salicylic Fix Tonic
Salicylic Fix Tonic
Amazing product!!
17 February 2021
I have suffered with spots most of my life. I tried this product after reading the reviews and I can’t believe how much of a change it’s made! I was getting spots so badly along my jaw line and ever since using the product I haven’t had a single one! You need this product!
Must have for skin routine
13 January 2021
I have oily skin and struggled with blackheads and breakouts all my life (I’m 33). I’ve been using this product and have not had one single spot or or blackhead in about 4 months now. I use twice a day after face wash and cleanse but it works a treat.
05 January 2021
This little beauty in a bottle is superb! I have suffered with hormonal break outs since a teen, I'm 37 and still suffer every month! This is amazing, its cleared my skin so much. I only ever get 1 or 2 each month now. This tonic is now my life!
03 November 2020
I suffered with acne around my cheeks,chin and forehead and this cleared it all within 2 weeks! I use it in the nights mostly around 3-4 times a week. It’s completely cleared my skin and helped with my acne scars/ blemish marks. I 100% recommend :))
18 August 2020
So, I’ve never really struggled with spots or oily skin, however since covid and the humid weather I’ve started getting break outs around my mask area and the skin around this area feeling far more oily. So I did some research and read the Dr Pimple Popper swore by sacicylic acid! I got this product in my local boots thinking I would invest in a more expensive product after some research, but oh my days this product Is amazing...It’s got rid of the oilyness and dried the spots away. My skins usually really sensitive to any products so was half expecting some reaction/more spots etc but have had nothing. Swear by this product, highly recommend.
27 July 2020
I use this along with the extreme night pads and my skin is left feeling so refreshed and smooth. Really cleared up my breakouts!
Very effective
08 July 2020
I bought it yesterday, as I've had an angry breakout on my chin and jawline. I used it last night and have woken to visibly clearer skin. It's calmed down the swelling and redness on my chin amazingly. My guess, after a week or so using it my skin and complexion will be the best it's ever been. However, the smell offends me. Reminds me of cod liver oil capsules.
01 July 2020
Great toner, very light and good on sensitive skin, and while on mild dosage of isotretinoin , light fragrance, and doesn’t strip your skin. I use these on the days I not using glycolic pads, which also works great.
24 April 2020
Ok so I don’t usually write reviews.. however recently I have been struggling with acne again at the age of 22. Skin specialist recommended the teen range and some salicylic acid for my skin. so I bought 1) Teen skin pore blaster day wash and have been using x1 a day. Amazing. I will continue to buy if stays at £6.99. 2) XXL Toner salicylic acid 2% extreme - £10 again will buy again for same price. 3) Salicylic night pads £14.95- bit more on the pricey side. I use the wash daily and switch between the pads and toner at night, I will warn that these products do dry the skin, however with the help of mosturiser I have found them amazing. Within two days I have noticed my acne as calmed and the redness has gone, I am hopefully by the end of the week it will of cleared as everyday it is getting clearer with each use (day 3). I have even noticed that pores on my nose and chin e.g black heads and open pores have been minimised and not as noticeable after day 3. I will continue to use these products as I feel they are great value for amazing results. I hope it says that way :) Hoping to try some hydrating brightening products next, perhaps Vit C range and look into which hydrating range nip fab has to offer. But Thankyou!! My skin has massively improved as I was starting to get down about this. I will be a true customer now forward :)!!
Effective but off putting smell
21 April 2020
I’ve used this for a few weeks pretty much every other day, and I feel like it’s calmed my skin down. I’m prone to redness and random breakouts and this has helped to maintain clear skin. The only downfall is the smell, it’s very potent and almost chemical which is slightly off putting, but the results are worth it.
ok but smell of product is off putting
03 March 2020
overall the product is really good and my skin has reacted well! however the tonic smells so badly and very "fake" like a cheap perfume has been added. puts me off using this product.
31 May 2019
Amazing product, I supper with acne and its really helped clear up my skin. I can't wait to try the rest of this range! :)
So so good !!
05 May 2019
Kerry cookie Anne
I use this with my glycolic face wash just to mix up my daily routine and it’s just perfect for blackhead out bursts and my pores !! Clears them up brilliantly!!
Pink teen bottle
19 February 2019
I just love this product so much, it’s helped calm my acne right now. I just love it so much!
04 January 2019
I struggle with breakouts here and there and I bought this when the new range came out as I have oily/combination skin and it seemed to fit my type, and I started using this and it has helped me so much. Makes your skin glow! A few times a week before bed put on your face and it gives you a refreshed feel too and helps with the blemishes for when you wake up!
Love this!
27 November 2018
Great product, I alternate this with the Glycolic extreme tonic and it has drastically improved my complexion!
Really noticed a difference in my skin!
30 September 2018
I’m not a teenager but get really bad break outs. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and have really noticed a difference in my skin!
11 September 2018
I love this product I bought it because I started to get breakouts out of no where and I needed a quick and permanent fix and this is perfect just for that. I used it 4 times a week and it helps to get rid of breakouts and my skin has been great since I started using it. Great night time toner