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Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads


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30 pads/55mm diameter
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Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads
Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads
19 May 2020
I’ve been looking for these everywhere but not in stock...not even on here...have they been discontinued? These were amazing for refining my pores, evening out skin tone leaving my skin radiant. Please restock these
04 May 2020
Karen S
I am really disappointed these are not in stock at the moment, have they been discontinued? They are an excellent product that really leaves my skin looking great. To Nip & Fab please can you bring these back! ?
01 May 2020
Why haven't you restocked these? Why are they so much better than everything else? Is it because they are magic and you forgot to make proper sacrifice at the alter of the goddesses who gave them their power? So many questions.
02 March 2020
Please restock my skin needs this product!
19 February 2020
I have looked everywhere to reorder these and everyone is out of stock! What is the problem? Is this item coming back? The other N/F pads don't do for my skin what the foaming pads do - PLEASE HELP!!
11 February 2020
For the love of all things holy please restock
These are the best ever and I’m going through withdrawals. If anyone can recommend a replacement please share!
10 February 2020
Please. Restock. Please. Please.
01 February 2020
For the love of god please restock
19 January 2020
Highly recommended, really wish it could be back in stock ,its not available anywhere in boot or even in superdrug
28 November 2019
Elliss Nixon
Cannot live without these please restock them.
25 May 2019
Ladies and gentlemen out there, you NEED these in your life!!! I have acne and these foaming pads guarantee you a perfectly clean face and a soft and calm skin! Please restock these in stores!!! Also, would love that -50% again! I cannot get enough of these but I'm still a student on a budget!
08 April 2019
Please re-stock these!! They are AMAZING and have worked better than any skin product I have ever used!
23 February 2019
I’m normally quite nervous about trying new skin care products as my skin is so sensitive however, this skin care has completely transformed not only my skin but my confidence!
This product has done WONDERS for my skin!
07 February 2019
I discovered this product in my local Marshall's a few months ago and my skin has been grateful ever since. For someone who has extremely sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin I was a little hesitant to try a new product. But, this product has truly been a life saver — it exfoliates and polishes my skin without stripping it completely bare. I have officially stocked up and spread the word!
06 August 2018
I cannot rate this product highly enough! Visible results from first use. I follow with the post glycolic moisturiser, I leave it to absorb for around 10-15 minutes before applying make up. I use pretty much all the products in this range and have yet to be disappointed!
27 March 2018
Lucy Carter
I never usually write reviews but i think this definitely deserves one! This product as much as many of nip+fab's has helped my skin look and feel amazing. I work in the hospital as an Auxiliary and i usually do long hours so my skin breaks out a lot but i use this product every morning and night and i hardly ever get breakouts anymore. Ive been a nip+fab fan for a few years now and the products just keep getting better and better. I'm obsessed with skin care and most of my skin care routine is nip+fab now as I've tried different products but the only product I trust is nip+fab now. I highly recommend!
03 December 2017
Have had bad acne for a while now, been using these for 5 days and have cleared up the redness and majority of the spots!! would 100% recommend
best exfoliater i have used
21 August 2017
Really does leave the skin soft and gets rid of blocked pores. Bought a lot of exfoliators both cheap and expensive over the years, most were disappointing, I am delighted with the foaming pads, easy, lovely smell, and do the job.
So amazing!
13 July 2017
I love how easy to use they are, no messiness or gel leaking everywhere on your face... you just take a pad and it just foams up on your face like magic! Exfoliating side is great as I always like to buff my skin more in problematic areas, which I feel is never done properly with regular cleansers. basically it's like a scrub in a cleanser!! Love it