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The Break Out Kit

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The Break Out Kit
The Break Out Kit
03 June 2017
I've spent a fortune over the years on every product that claimed to be able to "fix" my blemish prone skin, but nothing comes close to this kit! It's amazing! My skin has never looked as good in just 30 days of using, I wont be changing to anything else now! I LOVE IT!
Amazing kit!
04 May 2017
I've been using the breakout kit for about 2 weeks now and I'm so happy with the results.I can't remember the last time before using these products that I didn't have atleast 2 spots at all times but not anymore.the first few days I had a little break out probably because my skin was getting used to it but it was gone in no time thanks to the deep cleansing fix,it's definitely my favourite,I like to use it as an overnight mask after using the glycolic pads.all of the products leave my skin feeling amazing.can't recommend this range enough.will definitely be purchasing again
06 July 2016
I've always struggled with outbreaks ever since I was a teenager and have tried all sorts of treatments to calm them down. However, none of them have worked quite like this kit! The treatments have really helped keep the outbreaks at bay. I still get a few spots here and there, but if I place the Deep Cleansing Fix directly on to the spots and leave overnight, by the morning it brings them out fully so they can be taken care of. My face definitely looks a lot brighter and younger, and feels fresh every day and night. All the products of this kit are amazing and smell fantastic, especially the Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask! I definitely recommend this kit!