Kale Fix Clay Mask Nip + Fab

Kale Fix Clay Mask

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Kale Fix Clay Mask
Kale Fix Clay Mask
£12.95 £7.00
Skin Feels Amazing!
14 July 2019
when I first tried this mask I immediately fell in love!! I bought this on sale as a random purchase just to try and it ended up being one of my favourite products!! I often focus on my acne when it comes to skincare however acne products can sometimes be harsh. This mask allows my skin to feel like skin again and I have never been more pleased with a face mask!!
Amazingly soft Skin
01 February 2019
Meghan Reynolds
Just tried the kale face mask for the first time and I was completely amazed at the results! My slim is now soft and smooth and filled with moisture! I highly recommend this product! Especially if you suffer from dry skin!
Soothes my skin
13 January 2019
I really enjoy this face mask and would rate it highly as I put it on before doing something like tidying or whilst I'm drying my hair. It washes off really easy and doesn't leave any residue and doesn't make my skin feel oily. It leaves my skin looking soft and a lot calmer (I have hormone issues and would get very angry breakouts a lot). My skin always feels so soft after and for at least 24 hours after use. When the bottle arrived I was a bit unsure how it long it was actually going to last..but surprising I have had 5 generous face masks out of it and I am convinced there is at least 4 more in there. I also recommend putting it on with a flat foundation brush! Saves product and also allows for a quicker application.
Not my favorite
25 September 2017
Not only is this bottle pretty small for a mask, it wasn't very enjoyable for me to use. If you have dry skin you might like it better but it did nothing for my oily, acne prone skin. It didn't take long to dry and it was easy to rinse off, I just needed more results. Visit my blog at christinaschiccorner.com to read my more detailed review I posted about this and many other Nip + Fab items.
leaves skin smooth and soft
19 April 2017
On first applying this creamy mask i was a bit worried as it felt a little stingy. It smells super fresh though so i took the risk of leaving it on a little longer and the stinging subsided. It doesn't really dry hard like other clay masks so you can leave on as long as is convenient. When i wash this off my skin definitely feels much softer and smoother and hydrated. This is like a treat for the skin and dry skins would love this as it really helps to treat any flakiness
08 July 2016
I have dry skin which my makeup stuck to and flaked, I've been using this for about a month and I think it's great. My makeup no longer stinks to my face. This is a big bonus to me though I don't always use twice a week but if I did I'm sure this would be an even better result.