Glycolic Fix Serum Nip + Fab

Glycolic Fix Serum

£19.95 £10.00
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Glycolic Fix Serum
Glycolic Fix Serum
£19.95 £10.00
Bundle buy
28 November 2020
Brought in a bundle Love this has a tingling feel, dries fast not greasy or sticky. Leaves skin smooth and fresh feeling
I’m already in love
03 January 2020
I used this product for the first time last night and woke up to the softest skin! I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements the more I use it. I will definitely purchase again.
16 June 2019
This product makes my skin tingle and that’s how you know it’s working. My skin has felt extremely toned after using this and it smells great. Very thick so you know it will actually make a difference. Only point is; I wish the bottle was bigger! All in all, great product, wish i had bought 63838 when they were on sale for £5!
Best Product I’ve Ever Used!
02 June 2019
So my mom bought this for me a a while ago as i ran out of the current serum i was using, and i wasn’t bothered about what she got me as i’m studying for exams. I used this every day, consistently for just over a month, and my skin has never looked better. I’m on my second bottle and i will continue to buy this for now on. It’s minimised the size of my pores, reduced acne scars, made my face firmer and gives my skin a glow. Initially i didn’t mind what my serum i used, as long as it hydrated my skin, and i read the bottle thinking these claims it has to improve my skin would barely be visible, but the difference in my skin in only a month or so has been amazing. I HIGHLY recommend.
Nip+Fab fan
03 February 2019
I am a fan of buying Nip+Fab Glycolic fix serum for about 2years. The product is amazing as it lessens my pimple scars and it it leaves my skin soft. I am saddened that SDM do not carry this product anymore.
Great products, poor packaging
02 May 2018
I've wanted to try Nip+Fab products for a while now and recently purchased the Glycolic fix mask, serum and moisturiser. The products are amaaazing and my skin feels so soft and new afterwards. The only downside is the pump on the serum bottle was broken before I used it and now it's quite difficult to get out. I've also just purchased the new Nip+Fab translucent powder which looks great but the packaging also wasn't the best as it was very difficult trying to remove a protective piece of plastic from the middle of the compact - I was afraid the powder was going to go everywhere... I hope this kind of thing isn't going be continuous as it would be a shame to let such good products down.
Immediately love it
19 December 2017
Just tried this for the first time and it immediately feel great. Looking forward to seeing how my skin looks after regular use. Huge fan of nip+fab products
Love this product
10 October 2017
Abby Guerra
I have very oily skin I have struggled to find a good primer. I received a sample of this product in my ipsy bag a few months ago decided to try the product under my foundation and fell in love. I have recommended product to family and they too are now using it. We found they see the product at CVS I have ran out went in to cvs and they are telling me they no longer carry the product!
Mother of two
09 October 2017
I received a sample of the Glycolic Fix Serum in my Ipsy Bag, in less than three days I saw drastic improvement in my skin, I am hooked and a forever Nip + Fab customer!