Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser

Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser


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Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser
Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser
23 September 2019
OK, Nip and Fab, I'm nearly 45, still break out occasionally, and I appreciate that this product does NOT say Teen Skin Fix lol. Loads of people need salicylic other than teens! Please don't brand this line this way. Love the packaging and the fact that it doesn't smell like fake cucumber like the Teen Skin Fix branded version. Used with my sonic brush, this keeps the pores on my nose clean and leaves my skin surface smooth and silky but not stripped. I didn't think it would exfoliate the surface well since that's usually more the territory of an AHA, but it did very well. I bought two at a time so I can keep one in the shower. Will have to keep stockpiling these since they're not in stores around here.
Finally something that works
15 June 2019
This pared with the Gycolic oil cleanser and my skin feel and looks so much clearer been using 2 weeks and gone from breakouts to the odd spot here and there. Now to try other the other products. Highly recommended to men and woman
At Last!
13 June 2019
At last - a salicylic cleanser! My skin feels cleaner and I have less breakouts!