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Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Day


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Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Day
Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Wash Day
12 June 2019
Wow... My 23 years of existence I've never used something so effective! For best results I used the day and night wash then used a cheap toner afterwards. Aftrr 1st wash I felt a difference! I just had a baby 7 months ago and been using this product for a week. My skin was so spotty. And dry. See all my open pores and horrible black heads. One week in from using this beauty and my pores have minimised dramatically. No blackheads and no dry skin! And it's also evened out my skin tone.. No blemishes or red bits! Literally a miracle in a bottle!
20 March 2019
My skin has never looked as good after using this product. For those who say this product might leave them with a few dry patches must remember to use the Nip n Fab hydration products after the cleanse.
17 December 2018
I'm amazed, I never knew a face wash could be such an effective step in a skincare routine. I can visibly see a difference every time I use it. The scent is so clean and fresh and it makes my face feel so smooth even though there are no microbeads. I definitely recommend this!!! Im not a teen anymore but if you have sensitive oily skin and large pores on your cheeks this stuff makes your skin baby smooth and flawless after each use!!!!!!! Now i want to change all my skincare over to nip and fab!!
05 April 2018
After only one wash my pores were reduced dramatically, if your looking for a face wash to reduce pores 10/10 would recommend!!!
Yet to find something that works better on my skin!
19 February 2018
Yet to find something that works better on my skin!! I've always had very spotty and red skin (which is also sensitive), within a week of using this i didn't even have 1 blemish. I use it every day without fail, have never had a skin care product with the same results as this (and i have tried almost every one in sight). Highly recommend.
10 October 2017
I've been using this facial wash for over a week now and my skin has never looked better! It has a lovely fresh smell, and it bubbles up so much meaning a little goes a long way. My skin is clearer, brighter and less oily. This certainly seems to be my holy grail! Would definitely recommend.
09 October 2017
Love this product so much!! Have noticed a real difference in my skin over the last couple of weeks! I used to have appallingly bad skin and now have okay-ish skin, success! Would recommend using with night as well as thats what I've been using and what I believe has made a difference! Thank you Nip+Fab!
06 October 2017
I liked the product at first (+ love the packaging) but it seams to give me a few spots and pimples and I usually have clear skin.