Deep Cleansing Fix Nip + Fab with tea tree oil and eucalyptus to deep cleanse skin and pores for blemish prone skin.

Deep Cleansing Fix


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Deep Cleansing Fix
Deep Cleansing Fix
Great multi-purpose cleanser
25 January 2019
I have acne prone, sensitive problems skin with texture and my skin varies between super oily and really dry. Since using this stuff it has definitely made a difference to my skin. It's fantastic for removing make-up, even the stuff that is hard to budge, and also works well as a spot treatment and moisturising face mask. When my skin is feeling dry/irritated I put a thin layer of this all over my face and either leave it on overnight or for 1hr and wash it off and it really helps to soothe and moisturise my skin. The tee-tree in it also helps with fighting spots. I've struggled to find a good cleanser that removes makeup without drying my skin out but this stuff is really lovely. Would definitely purchase again and would recommend.
25 May 2018
Let me start the review by giving a bit of background. I am from Phoenix, AZ and I was a bit scare to order from this site, especially because for some reason I couldn't call Nip+Fab customer service. However, I took the risk and ordered a few things. This was one of those things. I got it based on a YouTube review of Nikkia Joy. I gotta say that this cleanser is AMAZING. It has a minty/medicine scent and I can feel that my skin is thanking me after a full day of wearing makeup. I wear makeup almost every day, and I like very glam makeup! This takes most of it off, it does have a hard time with waterproof mascara but I always follow up with a foaming cleanser (as part of my double cleanser routine), so it is not that much of an issue for me, (since I don't rely on one cleanser to do everything). My skin doesn't break out as often and the texture has improved. Also, this is a HUGE tub, it will last you forever and 7dlls for this, it is a fantastic price. Oh, as for the customer service, they were great, my order was missing two of the products, I was unable to call them, but I emailed them and they shipped the missing products :), overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and their service. I have placed a few orders since to get stuff for my niece and mom.
Love it
16 March 2018
Very good deep cleansing product. I use it every night as a face wash or overnight as a mask. Cannot reccomend it enough
Can’t believe how much I love this product
08 March 2018
Bought with my pads and use every night just as a moisturizer after I use a peel pad. I’m acne prone and didn’t break out from it- highly recommend. Feels and smells awesome, finally a glow in the morning!
i couldn't recommend it anymore
18 January 2018
I have combination skin and suffer from redness and a lot of breakouts on my chin. I got this product 4 days ago and already i have noticed a massive, massive difference in my skin. I use it to take my make up off, when I do this i use a towel so it acts like an exfoliater. I then apply a thin layer overnight and wash it off in the morning, I also have been applying a small amount directly onto my spots and honestly considering its a moisturiser, by the time I wake up they have shrunk, I also had a cluster of small under the skin spots on my chin that were making my make up look bumpy, however they have now pretty much gone within 3 days!!! my redness has literally completely gone, leaving my skin smooth to the point id be confident going out with no make up on. im honestly so blown away by this product, i couldnt recommend it anymore. id honestly happily pay a high end price tag for this
05 January 2018
I use this every night to take off my make up and it has massively improved my skin. I suffer with acne and this has helped clear it up and smooth out my skin. So much so I was asked if I had had Botox.
03 September 2017
This product smells amazing and really does cleanse the skin. It's such a soft cream to apply and whether you're using it as a cleanser, mask or overnight treatment always results in a soft, clear, clean face.
Amazing product. Every girl needs this product
21 May 2017
This lasts for a long time and have had a pot for 3 months. I have used it as a mask, overnight moisture surge and daily cleanse. I love the cleansed and hydrated feel of my skin after using. My skin is combination with spot breakouts. I have been using this alongside glycolic fix range and my complexion has never looked better.
30 April 2017
Love this product but it's annoying af when you can only buy it on the Offical website please bring it back to drug stores
16 April 2017
Just love it. Reduces blemishes.. pores.. brightens up and tightens skin. Too gud. Smells too gud Overall fabulous.
13 July 2016
I finally have an all-in-one product; - deep cleansing - lightweight - removes make up - minimises pores - helps with problem skin (my sensitive skin doesn't react) - masks very thinly (not cakey) It is a very good investment considering i've been using it daily for the last few months and there's more than two thirds left in the pot! Love.
So Amazing!!
27 July 2015
At first i didn't really feel like anything was changing in the clarity of my skin but after regular use for about a week my skin was so much healthier! my blackheads looked significantly less noticeable and my t-zone and chin were not oily anymore!! Plus it is such a calming and refreshing way to end and start your day. I highly recommend for any skin type!
Soooo Good!!!
05 June 2015
I read reviews everywhere and finally decided to give this product and the fix pads a go and I'm so glad I did. These products really do work! Seeing as I'm a teenager I have skin prone to blackheads and spots and using these two products together I have seen a real difference. Bearing in mind I broke out quite a bit in the first couple of days which I assume is just the product taking the dirt out of my skin but I did see a real difference to the overall healthy appearance of my skin. Other than the slight breakout I've now been using the product a week and my skin looks much more radiant and the initial breakout has gone leaving no scaring at all. Nip and Fab these products are amazing!
29 April 2015
Literally could tell a difference after the first time I used it!