Salicylic Fix 2% Blemish Lotion

NEW Salicylic Fix 2% Blemish Lotion

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NEW Salicylic Fix 2% Blemish Lotion
NEW Salicylic Fix 2% Blemish Lotion
10 December 2020
Absolutely fantastic product! Put on at night on to an angry spot and by the morning it’s all but gone! I love this product
05 September 2020
I use most products in this range and really rate the range overall This product is ok, it does dry spots slightly , but not sure if I would bother to buy again as I don’t think it make too much of a difference , not very keen on the design of the bottle, can be quite tricky getting it to come out onto a cotton bud
Anti-spot holy grail!
18 August 2020
After only one application, my spots have visibly shrunk in size + less red. I little runny indeed but overall very very happy with this product. I ve tried so many skincare products for scarring and spots that i am over the moon after finding this !
27 July 2020
After leaving this on overnight, my spots appear to have calmed down and I can see a difference after each use. Very effective but quite runny; this problem is solved by using a cotton pad or ball to apply. Overall, I'm happy with this product and could see myself buying it again.
08 July 2020
Definitely not what I thought I was buying, I’ve used it for a week or so but not really seen a difference in the spots I have. Very runny and messy to apply feel like it needs to be a bit thicker.