Retinol Fix Booster Extreme

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Retinol Fix Booster Extreme
Retinol Fix Booster Extreme
Takes time to work so hang in there
22 September 2020
Brought this gorgeous serum 3 months ago. It's not an overnight fix so bear with it. I used it 3 times a week for the first month (so my skin could get use to it) and then I moved to every night the next month. I had done a lot of research into retinol before I started using it so I knew it would take time to see the results. 3 months in and my skin is plumper and looking amazing at 48 years old and I've had lots of complements. I didn't want to write a review until I had given the serum enough time to work on my skin. I would highly recommend this serum and I will definitely carry on purchasing it but don't forget your sun block whilst using it. I use a sun factor 50 every day now to keep my skin looking great and protected.
14 September 2020
Steph Evans
Been using this for 3 weeks now my skin feels brand new when I get up in the morning
07 September 2020
Beautiful on the skin, my skin looks flawless. I use 3 x a week and it’s just amazing. I only ever buy Nip and Fab products now xx
07 August 2020
So where to start? I had previously been using "The Ordinary 2%gran active retail on squalane. I was loving the results but I hated the formulation itself. It was so occlusive that it was pointless to use before other products as the active wouldn't be able to penetrate the skin well enough so I tried it at the end of the routine, that didn't work either. I literally couldn't use any other products with it at all so thought I'd give thos a go whilst it was on offer. I love how well it loved it's consistency and and application. It didn't matter where in my routine I used it it worked well with all my other lotions and potions. I would reccomend this more for somebody who might just be dipping their toe in the retionol game. Despite it's label it's not "extreme at all" it is also a retinoid and not pure retinol which is not made clear on packaging or the website. Being gentle isn't a bad thing when it comes to retinoids and retinol as there are some notorious side effects (if you're thinking about retinol please do a little research. It will just take you longer to get the desired effect. So why did I repurchase. I use this when my skin isn't 100% and needs a gentle product but I still want to use this active ingredient. Give it a go I 100 would reccomend at least to try it. and see how it works for you I just didn't get the results I was getting even though it's much easier to work with and is labelled "extreme" Don't forget to patch test, wear sunscreen as when using retinol the skin is extra sensitive to the sun
04 August 2020
Gail Scott
I’m using with the full retinol night time range, after 1week my pores are less noticeable (I’m 52 have tried high end products over the years and never had such quick results) I await further results of my lines reducing. Would definitely recommend
5 stars
01 August 2020
Amazing retinol serum, what a difference it makes to plumping our fine lines
29 July 2020
Feels great on my skin an absorbed very quickly
Super smooth
12 June 2020
Joanne Morley
I’ve just started using this product and I love it. My skin feels so soft and smooth and it plumps out fine lines. It also has a gorgeous fragrance.
Happy skin
10 June 2020
Lynne Mcquade Murphy
Great for plumping skin while you sleep. My skin loves it
07 June 2020
Jennine Roberts
Fantastic product, easy to use goes straight on to cleansed skin before bed. Light and easily absorbed. Ive been using this for a while and always get asked for the secret of my smooth skin. I will be 40 next year and my skin looks so good!
Nice product
04 June 2020
I like this, it gives a nice glow and smooths your skin
Retinol fix booster extreme
03 June 2020
Pamela Calf
Have been using this for a couple of weeks and I'm extremely pleased with the results up to now, my skin looks and feels so much softer and the lines at the sides of my eyes have faded so much.
06 May 2020
I’ve been using this since December and any sign of fine line has gone. My frown lines, my laughter lines. I also use the eye serum too and they’re visibly brighter/tighter.