Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask

Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask

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Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask
Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask
£7.50 £5.00
Backing sheet!!
03 July 2020
Ben Scott
I came to see the reviews on this after about a minute of having this mask on because it thought this is awful. Just taking off, like paper, gel in my mouth, to large - then I saw a comment to say there is a backing sheet - you have to try and pinch the mask and pull away a sheet to get to the real mask! It doesn’t say this on the packaging (very stupid) but yeah! After that it’s still a 2/5 lol
24 June 2020
Have read lots about the masks. Have been using some of the skin products for the last month or so and seen such a huge difference in my skin! I read the reviews about peeling the layer off the mask so it fits and I did this but what I didn’t realise is there are two layers to peel off leaving the main part of the mask in the middle! Once you’ve taken off both outer lays it is like a second skin on your face! My skin feels refreshed and I can really notice the difference! Loved it
Not great at all
09 June 2020
Having been bought this sheet mask as part of a gift I decided to give it a go tonight. The mask is far to big so doesn’t fit to the face properly and was stinking, barely touching my skin in parts. I’ve ended up with the gel/liquid in my mouth, my eyes, running down my neck as it is such a poor fit. It does smell nice but that’s about all it has going for it, I definitely wouldn’t repurchase or recommend to anyone.
Not great
07 June 2020
After absolutely loving many of the Nip & Fab face masks I decided to try this one. I was very disappointed with this one, the mask was far to big for my face and wouldn’t sit flat on my skin, the mask was also very rough. Wouldn’t recommend this particular mask, however I would definitely recommend some of their others such as the salicylic acid one!
15 May 2020
Tried this mask for the first time today and OMG! My skin is glowing! I left mine on for an hour as I wanted to make the most of the product and it’s paid off! My skin feels so fresh, clean and looks so radiant! I cleansed, toned and exfoliated before use (highly recommend this before applying the mask) definitely be purchasing again!
Just amazing
13 April 2020
Amazing mask one of the best I’ve tried my skin feels so nice and it really made a difference. I did see some negative comments and I have to say that if you use a face you should cleanse your face with another product and then carefully put the mask on I didn’t have any difficulty with the product it was a amazing and I’m looking forward to use more of their products ❤️❤️❤️
Ok when U realise how to actually use it
22 January 2020
I had the same issue as a previous review. Thought it was absolutely terrible. Had it on for 15 min then thought I should read reviews. Then realised about the 2 backing sheets to rip off. This needs to be on the packet. Also feel so watery. Not worth the money
Great once I worked it out
02 November 2019
The previous reviewer thought it was too rigid - it is if you don’t peel the mask off the backing sheet. Once I’d worked this out (and removed the backing sheet) it stuck perfectly to my skin and worked beautifully. Love it!
05 September 2019
That was the most infuriating 15 minutes. The mask is too rigid. Large parts of it stick up in the air instead of making contact with my skin. I spent the entire time trying to pat it down. My jaw is sore from holding my mouth in position in that mouth hole and trying to keep the juice from dribbling into my mouth. I cannot believe you charge a tenner for this. Never again.
Would not recommend at present - needs further development
20 July 2019
I’ve had some great products from Nip + Fab such as the salicylic toner and the glycolic bubble mask. Unfortunately, I have to say this is the worst face mask I’ve ever used - it did not fit on my face (too big) and kept sliding down. I gave up and ended up throwing it away - what a waste. Different material and a smaller mask would be ideal.
09 July 2019
Skin felt soft and was glowing it will definitely use again !!