Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask
Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask
Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask
Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask

Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask

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Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask
Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask
08 April 2019
This mask was very intimidating at first. However, myself and my boyfriend loved this mask! I have really blemish prone skin and he has big pores that clog very easily. With just one use we both say improvements that we loved. When first using the mask, it did sting a little and my face was very red and hot for about a hour or so. My boyfriend said that the mask didnt feel like anything and he face was barely red at all. Make sure to swatch test before using and be mindful of the short term irritation! Do not let the reddness scare you away from this mask, it will change your skin! 10/10 love this mask!
Turned face red and hot
02 April 2019
Face turned bright red minutes after applying and didn't subside for hours
Absolutely cannot recommend a better product
01 April 2019
This product has saved my skin. I previously suffered from very bad acne and would prescribe a cream from my doctors. Recently i have been able to get better control of my acne but have been left with ditches in my skin, scarring and more. i have been using this for 2 weeks and was worried since the reviews suggested severe irritation. The first 2 times using this mask my skin was so damaged i could not feel and burning but the 3rd time i felt a tingling warm sensation that left my skin slightly red but went away very quickly . the ditches in my skin have since become less deep and my overall complexion has cleared up significantly . i recommend to anyone who struggles with acne and as a result their confidence has suffered. i would be cautious if you have sensitive skin.
04 March 2019
I have used this product once so far but I am in love! It has to be used in the evening and I personally wouldn’t leave longer that 5 mins as skin gets very red and hot but that’s how you know it’s working. I moisturised after use and this morning but my skin hasn’t looked this good in years! I have had trouble with spots and mild psoriasis on my face which this product did not irritate in any way and they both feel better than they have in a long time! I look forward to using this again to see what more it can do for me
Left Skin Smooth and Glowy!
01 March 2019
I was hesitant to get this because of claims that this mask irritates skin. While the mask was moderately uncomfortable while on and did leave my skin red for an hour, it's benefits completely outweigh the negatives. My skin looked poreless, felt extremely smooth and bouncy! Just do this before you sleep and you will wake up with perfect skin. Also good value for money!
14 February 2019
I got this as an alternative to the sheet masks- although they're great, dropping £5 a week on them wouldn't be friendly to my budget. I'm glad I did, though! At first, my face got very red, but it calmed down within a couple of hours (so use this at night, and patch test first!) and is now super smooth and soft. I'm looking forward to seeing what results I get once i've been using it for a while!
14 November 2018
Burned my skin. Don't forget to patch test!!
13 November 2018
I bought this product with high hopes and I was excited to put it on after using a gentle cleanser my face. I didn't patch test it and I wish I had. I had the mask on for 5 mins out of the 10-15 thats recommend but I had to take it off early because my face felt hot and I got a fright when I looked in the mirror my face was bright red. I jumped in the shower and washed it all off with cold water. My face is still red 2 hours later and I don't know what to do. I've used Glycolic fix overnight purifying gel many time and had no problems with the 4% glycolic acid content, however this jelly mask doesn't state the strength of glycolic acid in it. So it could be the my face is too sensitive for an glycolic acid content above 4% or I'm allergic to something else on the product. My skin has never reacted to anything before.Please be careful when using this product. Do a patch test. I didn't know what to rate this because I'm sure it works well for other people.