Glycolic Cleansing Fix Nip + Fab
Glycolic Cleansing Fix Nip + Fab
Glycolic Cleansing Fix Nip + Fab
Glycolic Cleansing Fix Nip + Fab

Glycolic Cleansing Fix

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Glycolic Cleansing Fix
Glycolic Cleansing Fix
01 July 2020
This is such a lovely cleanser, I can imagine why it’s always sold out, it’s not harsh at all it’s very light cleanser so don’t get worried knowing it’s glycolic, I have sensitive skin and it works fine without any irritation or strips my skin, I do recommend double cleanse though as every skin type requires, they keep my skin clear, soft and clean without striping it dry.
Amazing product
22 June 2020
I don’t normally write reviews but I had to. My skin always use to get spots in the same area for years and never went. I started using this product beginning of lockdown March 2020 and at first you do get skin purging but after using continuously for 3 months and the night pads, my skin is completely clear no new spots nothing I am amazed. I will always use there products in future. My skin has not been this clear in years.
22 June 2020
I never write reviews but I just had to! As a child I’d be one of the fortunate few with clear skin. It was only 2 years ago when I came off the pill that I began to get hormonal acne. I can’t tell you how much it damaged my confidence; I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror, I wouldn’t leave the house to walk my dog it was soul-destroying! Any product you name it, is tried it. I’d even been to the top skin care places in London and paid astronomical prices to try and sort it. ANYWAY... I did an intolerance test as I heard gluten and lots of sugar could cause it. I also went back to ‘simple is best’ and reducing the amount of products I use. I wanted to use the glycolic range as I don’t have oily skin and thought it would be better than the salicylic acid range. My routine is as follows: AM -glycolic cleansing fix -glycolic face pads -la roche posay effaclar H (moisturiser) PM: -glycolic cleansing fix -glycolic fix liquid glow -duac (gel prescribed by doctor) OMG I WISH I COULD SHOW YOU THE DIFFERENCE IT MADE TO MY SKIN IS JUST 2 WEEKS!!! It’s completely healed - I was spot free, and I haven’t had any new ones since which is unheard of. My skin glows and feels hydrated. It’s so comforting now that something has officially worked I won’t be using anything else and the price is incredible. Thank you so much nip & fab you’ve truly made me the happiest customer and done wonders for my confidence. I’d lost myself due to the upset but thanks to your products I’m more me than ever!
Been using for 8 years
22 March 2020
Love this product been using for so long and won’t ever change. Only thing that keeps my face clean and fresh. Shame the price has increased by a lot since I started purchasing but I’ll continue to do so as it’s a great product.
03 March 2020
I love this face wash! It was recommended to me when getting a facial, and it's so affordable so I gave it a shot. I have sensitive, dry, acne prone skin and this cleanser really seemed to work without drying me out. I used maybe 2 bottles of it and then decided to try the CeraVe wash face (because i use their moisturizer and really like it) but the CeraVe was nowhere near as good as this face wash, so I quickly switched back. It definitely helps exfoliate too, but really gently, so my skin always feels soft and smooth after using this. Best face wash I've used in years, if not ever. Would definitely recommend this!
06 February 2020
I have never had awful skin but since sophomore year of high school I started to have these small bumps on my forehead. I tried ProActiv, diet changes, and other drug store products. This cleanser in addition to Nip And Fab moisturizer have been the two skincare products that removed this bumps in less than a week. It smells good and is not abrasive, just what my skin needed. Haven’t worn foundation in weeks. Started this product in the new year and have already recommended it twice.
Best cleanser ever
18 January 2020
I have acne prone skin and have used many cleansers and face products and just haven't worked for me. I started to use this about two months ago and at first experienced a few problems but i think my skin was just getting used to it, but since then my skin is so clear and smooth, i use it every night. I have had about 3 spots in 2 weeks!! So good for me, highly recommend this product
One of best cleansers for textured skin
09 November 2019
I absolutely feel in love with this face wash my skin always seems so even after using and really has helped with my skin clearing up.I have combination skin my tone seems to be oil but the can also get really dry all over if I use a lot of products and this works great everytime.
Not as good as expected
28 July 2019
Smells great, looks great.foams up well, but feels life it just sits on the skin and doesn't make my skin feel refreshed or clean at all. Sorry was disappointed as love other stuff in the range.
Best cleanser to date !!
05 May 2019
Kerry cookie anne
I use this cleanser with the glycolic 2% daily toner and the extreme toner of a night matched with glycolic overnight serum and it just works amazingly!! In love with the whole range !!
04 May 2019
Sorry don't agree with all the rave reviews. After using for a week it's left my skin extremely dry, flaky and itchy, also more sensitive than usual. proving difficult to re-hydrate even using eczema cream.
Very nice
21 February 2019
It’s amazing quality but my bottle came open, with only 2 thirds remaining. I read the reviews and saw that someone else experienced a leaky bottle so perhaps that’s the only improvement needed.
The best face cleanser I have ever used
28 January 2019
This tops all face cleansers in my opinion.. Every time i use this i can't stop touching my face.. it makes my skin so soft, if only you made a body wash like this! If i could rate this more than 5 stars then i would!!
Great for sensitive skin
07 December 2018
My esthetician recommended this brand and the use of glycolic acid when I got my last facial so I went online and ordered products right away. I got this cleanser, the glycolic acid scrub, the glycolic acid overnight purifying gel. I’ve been using the products for a few weeks now. I use this cleanser twice a day everyday and I LOVE IT. I’m somebody that rarely ever writes reviews but felt that I needed to for this product. I have combination skin and this cleanser somehow perfectly balances it to be soft and smooth but still clean feeling. It’s pretty thin and liquidy so I was a little skeptical but it suds up once you start using it and takes off makeup so well! I use a waterproof liner that can be a real pain to take off without oil based makeup remover and this cleanser takes it off without scrubbing. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this product is the smell. It has a weird kind of platic smell to it. BUT it’s not super strong and once I moisturize afterwards I don’t smell it anymore. My skin has been so smooth and even and I haven’t had a single break out since I started using this (maybe a coincidence, maybe not). And i think it has even helped to fade old acne scars a bit. I will definitely order this product again!
09 August 2018
Love this! My face feels so fresh and clear!
Great product! Will use again!
15 June 2018
I bought this product at my local GNC just to try it out. I have extremely dry/flaky sensitive skin. Every face wash I have used in the past has either burned or dried my skin even more, but a few days ago, I found this! It does not burn my face, nor does it dry my face at all! This is the first product I have found that does not dry my face! I also purchased the Nip+Fab power moisturizer, and it keeps my face soft and glowing all day. Since I've been using these products, I have no acne whatsoever, and that happened over 2 days of use. I've tried over $100 products, and none have done this for my skin. I will be buying these products again!
25 February 2018
Holy Grail For Life!
21 December 2017
Heidi Hernandez
I am 22 and have oily skin prone to break outs. I dont remember a day since before my teens where I dont have at least one pimple and a ton of texture/ bumps! however being now on my second bottle of this stuff I can safely say I wont be changing my cleanser any time soon! My breakouts are under control, and my texture has all but disappeared leaving the clear soft looking bouncy skin i've always dreamed of! It does dry me out a tiny bit but being super oily I actually dont mind and its nothing a good moisturising cant fix! thanks nip and fab!
The best cleanser I've ever used, hands down!
07 October 2017
So I'm 25, male and have always suffered with breakouts, oilyness and ingrown hairs from shaving. I'm the kinda guy who loves skincare and trust me, I've tried a lot of it! Ranging from high end £50 cleansers to high street £3 ones however I've never bought the same cleanser more than once, because they never deliver what I'm looking for. That was until I found this. 7 bottles later.... I'll never buy a different face wash again.
I love this
18 June 2017
I have problematic skin! It's dull and uneven but this helps it tremendously. I'm the type of person that always tries new face washes but after trying this...I'm done buying other products. I've been using for over a year now and looking to try other products from this range.
06 April 2017
This cleanser is thinner than I expected but you only need a tiny bit, it smells lovely and feels great this is the second glycolic cleanser I've bought, and this is the one I'd buy again.
Holy Grail
02 March 2017
Skincare lover
Honestly this is not hyped enough! its been 12hrs and my face still feels soo smooth and my spots have reduced
Absolutely love this cleanser
10 February 2017
Love this cleanser. Really evens out my skin tone and brightens. I really notice the difference when I don't use it regularly. BUT my only complaint is, whenever i go on holiday and I pack my cleanser to take with me, by the time I reach my destination half the bottle has leaked! So prehaps the bottle needs to be a little better BUT that's a minor issue. The product is great! Love the whole glycolic range.
The best cleanser I have ever used!
02 February 2017
First time I'm trying this cleanser and I literally can not get enough of it. My skin has never felt so smooth and polished. I bought the cleanser along with the scrub and the moisturiser and I can honestly say it is the best product range I have used. 5 *
best cleanser in the world !!!!
01 January 2017
In my line of work I have done research on cleansers and this is the absolute best ! it clears blemishes fast smoothes the skin and reduces lines too all at a very reasonable price only cleanser I will ever buy if you are in doubt go for it you will not be disappointed its amazing
Great feeling skin
10 August 2016
Love love love
Best Facial Cleanser Ever
07 September 2015
This is the best facial cleanser that I have used in my entire life. My face is so smooth, soft, and clean. My complexion is MUCH smoother and I have had a significant decrease in pimples. This stuff is GREAT and I highly recommend it!
18 May 2015
I've been having skin from hell for the past 18 months. I've developed intolerances to things i used to eat and drink a lot like chocolate and wine. I try something new to clear the latest breakout and it works for a short while, but then it stops working so i have to move on to something else. I used to think that the more my face was stinging and the tighter it felt after using a spot treatment, the better it was. HOW VERY WRONG I WAS! Turns out that in the quest to battle my break outs i was applying products to my skin that were drying it out thus giving me clogged pores from over-active sebaceous glands. I had a lot of scarring from it also. I've been using this for one week along with the scrub and OMG! 7 days ago my cheeks were sore and had hard lumps in them, my jawline was lumpy and had a lot of scarring, i had clogged pores on my forehead.. it was a very sad state of affairs!!. Today, i have absolutely zero sore lumps anywhere on my face. I still have some scarring but the scrub is fading them.. and I mean FAST! I'm so happy :-)