Eyebrow Pencil Ash Brown

0.3g/ 0.01 oz.
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Eyebrow Pencil Ash Brown
Eyebrow Pencil Ash Brown
13 November 2017
Picked this up 2 weeks ago and so far I quite like it. Would not recommend for Instagram fleeky eyebrows, as the edges dull over time and make it less precise, but they're perfect for a more natural look. I don't use them to do any shaping— I just lightly run the wide part over the front of my eyebrows to fill in gaps and make them a bit darker, then I use the thinner edge to slightly trace out the tails of my eyebrows.
Worst I've tried
02 November 2017
I own a lot of the skin care range that I love but this however will probably just end up in the bin. The pigment is terrible and shape makes doing arches difficult. ive bought better products for less