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Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot


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Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot
Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot
14 May 2020
Katie - Tasmania
I am obsessed with this product! It’s so hydrating and absorbing..I have oily/ combination skin and use this everyday under my moisturiser.
11 June 2019
This product is amazing! I’ve been using it consistently for a year now and I ALWAYS get comments on my skin- how clear and smooth it looks. It’s honestly a must have and by far the best product I have used. In the past I suffered from uneven skin texture and even painful cystic acne but this product has not only reduced the chances of getting any spots but it has also evened out any old scarring. Highly recommend!
It works!
27 April 2019
I noticed after about 3 to 4 weeks of using this serum that my complexion is much better looking and more even and I have somewhat of a glow. Before I was using the night repair from Estee Lauder which seem to do nothing. Looking in the mirror I seem to look younger and more youthful having used this serum. I say it works and it’s affordable too.
Not sure...
08 February 2019
I’ve heard good things about this brand and the glycolic products. Used the radiance shot for the first time last night mixed in with my moisturizer. When I woke up and looked in the mirror, I was shocked. It looked like I had the measles. My whole face was bright red and covered in bumps. I’m not sure if I am having an allergic reaction or if my skin needs to get use to the product. Debating on if I should keep using...
13 August 2018
Annie Zaman
Where do I start... I’ve been using this religiously for the past 2mnths. I definitely see a difference in my skin condition! It’s vibrant, youthful & mostly my dark circles have disappeared. I’m a regular Middle Aged woman who is so conscious & concerned about my dark circles. I even thought of surgery of some kind to remove dark circles. I can’t leave the house without concealer. Now, I can walk out with moisturiser ONLY! I love it & already stocking up it whilst the sale is on. Bargains all round. Please try it. You will live it just like I do. Magic in a bottle! The husband is now hooked on it after seeing my results. 10/10
10 May 2018
OMG. This stuff ❤ I don't really known what it's meant to do....but I can't live without it now. It has boosted my skin radience and made my skin much more youthful and fresher looking. I seriously think this product should be aimed for women in their late 30s to 40s as the effect is fabulous! I'm 39 and will never go without this again!
Slight Difference
01 May 2018
I have been using this daily for about a month, and unfortunately unlike other reviews I cannot see a difference. I have been combining it with the POST-GLYCOLIC FIX MOISTURISER SPF30 in the morning on a clean face and can't say I have noticed a difference in my skin at all. I will have to start using it straight on my skin, to see if there is a difference then.
02 March 2018
I’ve not been using this for long and I can already see an amazing improvement in my skin. Everything is a lot smoother and just clearer. Will definitely be repurchasing !! Only adjustment I would make is the button that you push the liquid out of, I would refer a squeezey dropper to make it easier to apply to the face
My skin feels amazing
28 February 2018
I have used this for a few weeks now, just one drop of a night on my t zone. My skin feels fresher and plumper, it is definitely something I will continue to buy
WOW i love this range
27 January 2018
i have been trying for years to find the right skincare. This goes along way and i noticed major improvements after the first use. I WILL NOT LUVE WITHOUT THIS!!! Do not hesitate to buy tgis product!!
Changed my skin!
22 December 2017
I LOVE this glycolic radiance fix. It has completely changed my skin. I bought on a whim & found gold! The fresh grapefruit scent is the BEST! My skin tone is no longer dull, the deep crease between my eyebrows has lessened & my skin looks years younger. I’m in my mid-40’s and this is a game changer. I also am amazed that I don’t have to spend tons of money to get a product that works so well. I tell everybody about it - I’m a walking advertisement for these products!
LOVE! Skin never looked so glowy
06 September 2017
Chloe Williams
I have only recently been using nip and fab glycolic range, I love everything and when I saw you can mix these with your foundation to give more radiance and hydration I had to try, and I'm so glad I did, I use the nip and fab foundation in 15 add 2 drops with it and my skin has never looked so glowy and healthy. I also use it before bed for super soft glowy skin in the morning ❤️❤️❤️