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Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

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Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel
Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel
£14.95 £5.00
Holy Grail! Please don't ever discontinue!
31 August 2019
I have adult hormonal cystic acne as well as acne scars and fine lines. This is the only thing that works and the difference is literally overnight. My scarring is lighter and if I feel a bump forming under the skin, this calms it down before it becomes deep and painful. Each time it goes on sale I panic it's getting discontinued. I'm so dependent on this product.
22 July 2019
Where has this been all my life?! I have spent the last fifteen years looking for the right products for my problem skin and trust me when I say I have tried hundreds of lotions and potions. The glycolic fix range has been a game changer. Those of you out there who have struggled with spots, large pores and endless blackheads you know how much your skin can affect your self-esteem. I have seen in other reviews mentions of the smell of this gel. Whilst it's not a scent I'd want in a perfume it's certainly not overwhelming or really unpleasant and the benefits absolutely make it worth it. This is now a permanent part of my nightime skin routine.
Like magic
12 October 2018
I've struggled with adult acne for a long time. Recently diagnosed with PCOS, this glycolic gel has been magic. I certainly notice the difference if I skip a night. I've had huge cystic spots, and just one night of using this I notice a difference in size, redness and soreness, they really respond to this gel. Expensive, but definitely worth it, will be buying again.
Pretty Cool
28 July 2018
Pretty good. It doesn't make me break out and it helps prevent break outs. It doesn't do wonders for existing acne. Has a slight fishy smell that I hated at first. So far it hasn't bleached my pillows or towels. Be careful to use a small amount and rub it in. If you use too much, your face will stick to your pillows.
24 June 2018
Ness V
This gel has changed my face so much, actually the whole line of glycolic fix has done wonders my face. I hope it stays for years to come if not. I’m buying it in bulk ♥️. I have cystic acne for so long and this has been the cure thank you so much