Fake Tan Mist - Caramel

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Fake Tan Mist - Caramel
Fake Tan Mist - Caramel
Fab product!
11 August 2020
I adore this mist, so light, quick drying and comes out a beautiful colour! I spray on and then buff in with a velvet mitt, and sometimes will spray directly onto the mitt. Covers the back well with the mist, and you can rely on it not to patch/streak. For those saying it went streaky, you must make sure you’ve covered the areas properly as that’s why you will get streaky effects - from bits you’ve missed, not because of the product itself! Knocked off a star for the price, as it runs out really quickly at £20 a bottle, so when it’s on offer I buy a few bottles to keep me going!
11 June 2020
Rebecca Bowers
I used this tan and found the product really easy to use, it doesn’t smell really strong like fake tan but you can still smell it slightly but nothing major, I have very pale skin and this tan works wonders, very nice colour.
Simple to use and great results
10 June 2020
I normally use a gradual tan lotion but thought I would give this ago even though I was quite sceptical. I used a mitt to make sure that everywhere was covered, if you’re doing this in a well lit room you can see where you’ve sprayed. This has quite a nice smell to it and dries fairly quickly and leaves you with a lovely light tan and I have the pastiest of pins! Definitely worth giving a go. I’ll be buying again.
1st time to fake tan at home... Result!
02 June 2020
I read review after review and finally took the plunge to try this out, as I didnt want a heavy tan just a light glow and thought this wld be perfect, plus easy application. Well it was super quick and easy to apply, panic sets in thinking did I do full coverage, only morning will tell! Oh my... it is perfect
Did I apply wrong?
18 May 2020
I was scepticle about water spray tans as you can't see where its applying but thought I'd try and was hoping to achieve what I'd read going by other reviews, however the next morning my skin was so patchy. My feet were dark, my legs were pale and my fingers and hands patchy. I do not wear fake tan often so wanted something natural looking. I applied by showering, exfoliating, moisturising and then spraying before patting it in with a tanning mitt. It does not say to rub in but I went by some reviews I'd read which said to - should I try again without rubbing in? Apart from the patches, its very easy to apply, is not orange looking and smells lovely! The search for go to tan continues! Disappointing.
Converted me!!
16 May 2020
Molly R
I’ve never been a huge fake tan wearer, mostly because I get scared of looking orange!! Bought this on offer at £10 and thought I’d give it a try. Well...... I LOVE IT!!! It’s definitely the easiest fake tan I’ve ever applied - it dries instantly, isn’t sticky at all and doesn’t smell particularly strong which I like. I applied before bed and woke up looking golden and glowing. It’s so natural and build-able. Think I’m going to have to buy another bottle whilst it’s on offer. So pleased with it. I’ve definitely been converted to fake tan now! Thank you Nip + Fab.
02 May 2020
OMG- this is the best tan I have ever used- seriously. I wear tan a lot, but I don't like mousses or textures that just make you feel really dirty when you apply. I like a nice, semi-dark but easy to apply tan that doesn't make you feel like your wearing fake tan if that makes sense?! This one is it. You spritz the water all over and buff in with a mitt, literally feels like you are spraying water on yourself it sinks in straight away and smells like coconuts. The colour is an amazing medium-dark golden bronze with zero streaks. If you want a tan that is easy to apply, zero transfer, zero streaking, with a very natural finish this is the one!
Simplest fake tan to apply with the best results
28 April 2020
Ash valentine
Very simple to apply, i spray onto legs first and work my way up rubbing in gently with a tanning mitt as i go, finishing with a light spray to my face. Beautiful caramel colour . Also i can get off with wearing no foundation when i have this tan my face , its so natural. I have just purchased another 2 bottles! Recommend!
Excellent & easy to use
25 April 2020
I am not a huge fake tan kinda gal but I needed a little colour to my pasty legs! So I thought I would try something a little more lightweight and this product did not disappoint. I used the exfoliating pads first and then sprayed this all over and used a mitt to rub in. I didn't want to spray too much as you can't see where you've sprayed as it's clear. But I definitely could have used more. I have a lovely light colouring, pretty even too! It does smell like burnt biscuits but it's not over powering. I would highly recommend this.
Amazing fake tan!
17 February 2020
I am in no way a fake tan expert so the thought of a water based tan that I couldnt see go on made me feel very nervous. However this is amazing! Dries in really quickly and doesn't have a strong fake tan smell and doesn't transfer on to your sheets! I use a mitt to apply and it doesn't go streaky and leaves a lovely natural looking tan. I bought while half price on Boots to try and have now stocked up as its currently £5!
My make up replacement!
07 December 2019
This fake tan water is great. I decided to stop wearing make up a few months ago but found my face looked a bit pale (when people think you’re sick or upset because you don’t have make up on it’s not great!!). I’m mixed race but when it gets to winter I do have a paler complexion. This fake tan water really helps give my face a bit of colour - literally just looks like I have make up on except I don’t have to faff around with foundation anymore just a quick spritz on my face every few days before I go to work and I’m good to go! I found that this tends to last for a few days before reapplying (if you use scrubs etc it tends to take the tan off a bit quicker as expected). I also found that this does have a really nice smell but later in the day/the next day if I haven’t washed the excess off it can smell a tinyyyy bit like biscuits but not strong enough than anyone else would notice. I also found that the glycolic acid in this seems to help heal any spots I have and speeds up the healing of any open spots at the time which is amazing!! I won’t use any other fake tan on my face now as there aren’t any others that I feel being added benefits like this. I’ve used garnier etc in the past which were ok but the glycolic acid in this has me sold.
22 October 2019
OMG!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I've tried so many fake tans but this is the BEST tanning spray in the world!! I apply it with a slightly damp mitt... It smells absolutely amazing...I feel like I'm on holiday! It goes on like a dream and is so easy to use! My daughter and a friend have stolen one from me...and they love it too! It's doesn't dry sticky and it develops into a beautiful, NATURAL-LOOKING GLOW... Only apply one coat, as that's all you need... Like all fake tans, wash your hands after... Trust me, you will LOVE it!!
06 October 2019
Lauren Blackie
Best fake tan ive had in years!! So easy to use & smells lovely too! Totally recommend!
Great in small doses
14 September 2019
I'm fair skinned. The first time I used it, it looked so amazing. So i tried using it day 2 for more tan. Don't be me. I looked like Trump. Use it and let it wear off before applying more, it's the most natural fake tan I've ever used.
11 September 2019
What a tanning gem! So easy to apply and develops into a beautiful golden glow. Would recommend smoothing over with a mitt or your hand after application as the spray sometimes leaves spots so just do this to prevent any darker spots or streaks.
I'm an addict!
24 August 2019
Lois C
This is the best tanning product I’ve ever used- I’m an addict! The colour and lasting natural glow it leaves is so real, The price is a complete win too :)
21 August 2019
Beky Foster
Omg!! Incredible!! I have very pale skin and wanted something to make me look sun kissed and orange. I was dubious as it was on offer for £5 but thought I’d give it a whirl. Woke up this morning after applying last night and my legs are a lovely natural shade of brown for my complexion. 100% recommend for those with pale skin
16 June 2019
i bought this product even though i am an avid mousse fake tan user in the hope it would be less messy and less smelly. however i was unsure how the mist would perform so i tested it on a patch on my legs before work and came home 10 hours later and nothing had changed. i was very disappointed. the smell is not to my liking in any way! can’t say i was too happy with this. but i think if you’re getting into fake tan and want to start very light, this may be the one.
12 June 2019
Ellie Rowson
Honestly the best tanning mist/water out there!! I’ve used so many but nothing compares to this. Sprayed on face and arms first, within a couple of hours noticed a massive difference. It gives such a natural glow look to it it’s BEAUTIFUL, it smells lovely as well! Only just got it and definitely ordering more, over the moon as it is now my go to tanning product. Thank you!! X X
30 May 2019
This product is life- no horrid smell or streaks, just a golden glow yaaas
At Last!
30 May 2019
I really detest the smell of fake tan but love being bronzed, so I took a punt on this as I haven't used a tanning water before, and I love it! I was nervous that I couldn't see the colour but I haven't got any streaks and I don't smell biscuity! At last!!
29 May 2019
So far so good... I’m fair and the colour is subtle but golden. And try’s really nicely, not too sticky like other tans.
Great tanner
25 May 2019
I bought this spray as I wanted something light and transparent which I could put on in the morning and then go out for the day when I'm on holiday. I have used lots of other famous brands. I loved this spray! Went on very easily with no streaks and gave a lovely caramel colour. It had virtually no 'fake tan' smell and had no stickiness. The lady on a make up counter I visited the day after I put it on told me what a lovely colour it was. Definitely buy this product!