Cellulite Fix Nip + Fab
Cellulite Fix Nip + Fab
Cellulite Fix Nip + Fab
Cellulite Fix Nip + Fab

Cellulite Fix

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Cellulite Fix
Cellulite Fix
€22.95 €15.00
Amazing product
14 April 2019
Kelly B
I adore this product. It is wonderful in firming my skin and I do notice the tightening of my cellulite on my legs. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get this back in stock. I'm almost out! :( I would be so unhappy if this product stays out of stock forever.
Bum lift in a bottle! AMAZING!
18 September 2018
Every summer I’ve always been so paranoid about my cellulite, but then my friend found this AMAZING gel before I went on holiday this summer... it was literally a god send!!! Applied twice a day and instantly had a firming feeling. If you’re feeling like you need an instant bum lift, look no further! I’ll definitely be buying a bulk load in prep for next summer! Thank you!
22 July 2018
This product is amazing! Thank you
I love this!
24 October 2017
I use the gel when doing cupping treatment on my thighs and bum once a day which is so easy to do with this gel. I have been using it for about a week and can already see a difference in how smooth my skin is compared to other gels I have used. Excellent product, will never use anything else now!