Fake Tan Mist - Caramel

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Fake Tan Mist - Caramel
Fake Tan Mist - Caramel
Amazing fake tan!
17 February 2020
I am in no way a fake tan expert so the thought of a water based tan that I couldnt see go on made me feel very nervous. However this is amazing! Dries in really quickly and doesn't have a strong fake tan smell and doesn't transfer on to your sheets! I use a mitt to apply and it doesn't go streaky and leaves a lovely natural looking tan. I bought while half price on Boots to try and have now stocked up as its currently £5!
22 October 2019
OMG!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I've tried so many fake tans but this is the BEST tanning spray in the world!! I apply it with a slightly damp mitt... It smells absolutely amazing...I feel like I'm on holiday! It goes on like a dream and is so easy to use! My daughter and a friend have stolen one from me...and they love it too! It's doesn't dry sticky and it develops into a beautiful, NATURAL-LOOKING GLOW... Only apply one coat, as that's all you need... Like all fake tans, wash your hands after... Trust me, you will LOVE it!!
06 October 2019
Lauren Blackie
Best fake tan ive had in years!! So easy to use & smells lovely too! Totally recommend!
Great in small doses
14 September 2019
I'm fair skinned. The first time I used it, it looked so amazing. So i tried using it day 2 for more tan. Don't be me. I looked like Trump. Use it and let it wear off before applying more, it's the most natural fake tan I've ever used.
11 September 2019
What a tanning gem! So easy to apply and develops into a beautiful golden glow. Would recommend smoothing over with a mitt or your hand after application as the spray sometimes leaves spots so just do this to prevent any darker spots or streaks.
I'm an addict!
24 August 2019
Lois C
This is the best tanning product I’ve ever used- I’m an addict! The colour and lasting natural glow it leaves is so real, The price is a complete win too :)
21 August 2019
Beky Foster
Omg!! Incredible!! I have very pale skin and wanted something to make me look sun kissed and orange. I was dubious as it was on offer for £5 but thought I’d give it a whirl. Woke up this morning after applying last night and my legs are a lovely natural shade of brown for my complexion. 100% recommend for those with pale skin
12 June 2019
Ellie Rowson
Honestly the best tanning mist/water out there!! I’ve used so many but nothing compares to this. Sprayed on face and arms first, within a couple of hours noticed a massive difference. It gives such a natural glow look to it it’s BEAUTIFUL, it smells lovely as well! Only just got it and definitely ordering more, over the moon as it is now my go to tanning product. Thank you!! X X
30 May 2019
This product is life- no horrid smell or streaks, just a golden glow yaaas
At Last!
30 May 2019
I really detest the smell of fake tan but love being bronzed, so I took a punt on this as I haven't used a tanning water before, and I love it! I was nervous that I couldn't see the colour but I haven't got any streaks and I don't smell biscuity! At last!!
29 May 2019
So far so good... I’m fair and the colour is subtle but golden. And try’s really nicely, not too sticky like other tans.
Great tanner
25 May 2019
I bought this spray as I wanted something light and transparent which I could put on in the morning and then go out for the day when I'm on holiday. I have used lots of other famous brands. I loved this spray! Went on very easily with no streaks and gave a lovely caramel colour. It had virtually no 'fake tan' smell and had no stickiness. The lady on a make up counter I visited the day after I put it on told me what a lovely colour it was. Definitely buy this product!