Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads Nip + Fab

Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads

£14.95 £10.00
60 pads/55mm diameter
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Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads
Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads
£14.95 £10.00
Love these skin saviours
26 December 2020
I have sensitive, reactive skin and these miracle workers really help to soothe and cleanse my skin without irritation. They cleanse thoroughly yet my skin feels soft and calm and any spots, bumps or rashes feel instantly calmer. After cleansing with balm I use these to cleanse and tone my skin and next morning it looks and feels clear and smoothe. They have not been available for ages so I hope they will be back in stock again soon, they are my skin saviours!
OMG LOVE THIS but discontinued
12 December 2020
I tried these pads & I purchased a few as they were on clearance & I even gave some to my friends as a gift to try as I had heard so much about the dragons blood range. I used only once & I fell in love. They were not harsh & smell so good, both me & my friends loved them. We noticed that after a days of using these pads, our skin was peeling slightly & new skin was getting visible & it just made us glow & gave us hydration. I am crying that these are discontinued. Please bring these back nip & fab. Me & my mates are so unhappy without them & our skin is waiting for these. Fabulous product. ♥️
Cannot Live Without
12 November 2020
Been emailing to get these back. These are the best ever I have tried their other wipes but they have aggravated my acne and even PC did nothing for me. So happy that they have brought these back made my day.
19 January 2019
Alison M
These are great for cleansing your skin if it is on the sensitive side. Cleans thoroughly and leaves skin feeling refreshed and plumped. They really care for your skin like all the dragons blood products. A good purchase to have.
An amazing product!
13 September 2018
Been using these pads for almost two weeks now and they are unbelievably good! I can already see a difference in my skin, I usually have quite dry skin as I'm prone to eczema so was hesitant at first as thought they may dry it out even more or burn/ cause inflammation of my skin but they are a god send my pores are visibly smaller and my skin is crazy smooth and plump can't believe it. This is the best my skin has ever been. I don't even like wearing makeup anymore because I love how plump and glowy my skin has become. Defo will be buying again.
Not My Cup Of Tea Unfortunately
18 April 2018
As much as I wanted this product to work, I couldn't see the effects after using all of the pads in the pot. My skin still felt the same and looks the same. I guess this just wasn't suited to my skin. I don't like writing 'bad' reviews so I'm hoping this doesn't put anyone off from at least trying it. At the end of the day everyone's skin is different so this could work wonders for you (as it has for a lot of people on here).
17 March 2018
Sophie Lisa
Bought these after seeing that they was on sale. I normally just use a cleanser and then the nip and fab glycolic fix night pads which are also amazing! But I’ve just used the dragon blood ones and my face feels a lot more plump even after one use. Might just be me seeing things but my face even feels like I’ve had a mini facelift
omg in loveeee
22 January 2018
these actually plump out my skin and leave it feeling so refreshed and soft, bought these on sale and gonna stock up on some more and i reckon u should too!
Aaahhhh MAZE ing
12 January 2018
Yep. Not used Nip & Fab for so long. Decided to try their skincare because of the sale... these pads.. YES! My skin. In love. BUY THEM.
I’m in love.
29 November 2017
Only brought this yesterday and used once last night...OMG what a difference to my skin already! Definitely would recommend
19 May 2017
Love these pads - they really helped to clear up my skin along with the dragons blood serum. My skin feels and looks so refreshed!
Be careful
08 February 2017
I bought this the other day to try because I absolutely love this brand's products. I tried it yesterday and about 5 minutes later I looked in the mirror and I had bright red patches by my eyes and one by my smile line. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to it, my father ironically is an allergist so I went to him and he said that it was actually a burn from the product. Essentially like a sunburn. Basically, if you have sensitive skin, be careful and don't overdo it. This could just be my and my skin because no one else seems to have had this problem, but just be cautious with how much you put near the sensitive areas on your face. Otherwise, the product smells great and actually did make my skin feel very clean where it didn't burn it hahaha, unfortunately will not be using again, though.
Love this product!!
25 January 2017
Can honestly say this is one of the only products i've ever used that actually does what it says it will do! i have extremely sensitive skin which is prone to imperfections but after using these for only a few days my skin was clearer and plumper and overall looked 100% better. Works amazingly well with the dragon's blood serum too!
15 December 2016
These are so good that i've had to purchase a years worth! i use these in the morning to clean my skin before applying makeup, they leave skin really nice and dewy, my makeup looks glowing everytime i use them, results wise.. my skin is more supple and hydrated and im seeing my pink blemish scars fade each day.
27 August 2016
These are great. I bought for a festival rather than using traditional wipes which tend to dry out my skin. These don't! plus there was the unexpected benefit that the slight rash (small spots -not quite acne) that i had on the left side of my face has completely disappeared. I am continuing to use them after morning cleansing and am looking forward to trying more nip+fab products in future
17 August 2016
Peaches and Creme
Oh my word!!! I first tried this product because my face felt like a dry, scaly texture and was bright red so I bought this and this has changed my skin game to a whole different level. It makes my skin feel like a billion pounds and the appearance well I have no words to describe how amazing it makes my skin looks. Best product I've tried.
Little circles of wonder!
06 May 2015
Love this product! Hyaluronic acids usually leave my skin feeling tight, but with the addition of witch hazel, this feels nourishing. The'ye a great option for a really fresh feel and seem to reduce the crepe effect that keeps trying to sneak into my look! The pads aren't quite practical size wise for a full cleanse, so I tend to do a wash cleanse, then finish off with these prior to serum and moisturising and omit the toner.
Great product!
06 February 2015
Some cleansers leave you with dry skin, not this one. The product works for me because of the easy pads, great smell and affective cleaning. Leaving my skin soft and nourished!